Top 5 Halloween Disney Movies

As a kid, October bore opportunities for dressing up, trick or treating, new cavities, and, perhaps most nostalgic of all, Disney Halloween movies. So, in the spirit of walking down memory lane, here are my top five Disney Halloween Movies you should re-watch.

  1. “Twitches”

The 2005 film “Twitches” is a fictional story about twin sisters who were separated at birth and discovered each other later in life. They happily reunite on their 21st birthday; however, their meeting reveals things about themselves they never knew existed, like magical powers and their shared destiny to save those around them.
The film’s sisterly scenes tell a heartwarming story while keeping you on the edge of your seat with their adventures. As a kid, I especially loved the action in this film. If you’re not a big fan of horror films, “Twitches” has the perfect amount of spook.

  1. “Halloween Town”

There’s nothing like surrounding yourself with family and friends to help get you in the spooky spirit, or is there? In “Halloween Town”, Marnie and her siblings are shocked to discover they come from a family of witches. This revelation only leads to other surprising discoveries.
I love how the movie perfectly depicts the struggle of a regular family as members learn how to bear their responsibilities and struggles in a way that brings everyone together. Its relatable and supernatural plot make “Halloween Town” a natural pick.

  1. “Hocus Pocus”

The 1993 Kenny Ortega film “Hocus Pocus” is based in Salem, Massachusetts where a group of friends go out on an adventure, which leads them to explore an abandoned house. They then discover 300-year-old witches who are set out on a mission to claim their youth back.
The film does a great balancing the perfect combination of jump-scare and fun that makes this movie a beloved classic. This film will most definitely make you second guess the next time you want to be adventurous and go into that abandoned or haunted house.

  1. “Girl vs. Monster”

Teenagers are no strangers to sneaking out from to time. But, there’s a big difference when you sneak out and let out a monster that has the potential to hurt those you love. The Disney Channel Original “Girl vs. Monster” follows Skylar, daughter of monster hunters, who finds herself in a seemingly impossible situation.
This movie shows what it can be like filling your parents’ shoes as their responsibilities become your own; it’s a reality many of us likely find relatable.

  1. “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

The 1993 Tim Burton animated movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas” shows the downsides of having a routine. Jack Skellington, who is bored by the routine of Halloween, is enlightened to find out what Christmas is about. He is used to frightening people, dreary colors, and horrific personalities. When he accidentally discovers “Christmastown,” he’s excited to find the opposite. The movie perfectly combines two different holidays into one movie.
“The Nightmare Before Christmas” depicts the terrors and overall spirit of Halloween while also incorporating another lighthearted holiday. The movie doesn’t only get you in the spooky spirit, but it also jumpstarts your Christmas spirit.