Why You Need a Planner

Throughout my school career, having a planner has contributed to my academic success. I have used a planner for as long as I can remember, specifically since I started switching classes in school. Organization is a key skill that I think is important to have especially when it comes to academics, and having a planner allows for one to improve his/her organizational skills. When I entered middle school, I struggled with my organization and remembering what homework or project I had due on what day. When I got a planner, I felt it was much easier for me to stay caught up with my work.

Usually, my approach is to write down my objectives each day or by each week. At the beginning of each semester, I make a spreadsheet of all my due dates, this includes homework, readings, papers, exams and quizzes. Then at the end of each day, I go on my spreadsheet and write down my homework for the week for each class. While I may only have one assignment due for a class during a given week, constantly seeing it each day helps remind me to make sure that I am staying on top of my work.
Additionally, having a planner is also important because it can help you keep track of everything going on outside of school. For example, in my planner I write down birthdays, appointments, my work schedule, etc. This is especially important if you are a forgetful person with these kinds of things as well. I found that having a planner goes a long way because if I forget about something, I can always just open it up and look.

Having a planner has allowed me to feel less stressed when it comes to schoolwork and things outside of school. This is because I never find myself forgetting to do anything or forgetting things that are happening in my outside life that I may get distracted from with school.
Since having a planner and learning how to use it properly, I also believe that it has helped me improve my organizational skills. This is because it forces me to write down all my tasks in a way that I understand, making it easier for me to complete my work.

Finally, I believe that having a planner is important because it puts me into a routine. I have found that by using a planner every day, I tend to utilize it even more; I don’t go a day without not writing something in there. In other words, it’s become a part of my everyday routine. I like this because having a routine in your day improves your overall mental health. So, by having a planner, you can work on several different skills, and it will improve your preparation and performance in school as well.