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Being a Teen in the 90s: Culture Change, Music, & Fashion

The 90s have always intrigued me. After all, the decade brought about significant change to our culture, fashion, and music. The transitions from leg warmers to overalls and rock to hip-hop are just a couple of the reasons why I would have loved to have grown up in the 90s.

Firstly, going from one decade to another always creates big cultural changes, so I think it would have been cool to experience the changes from the 80s to the 90s. Culture changes can have a big influence on who you are as a person. It’s interesting to me to think that if I experienced the cultural changes of a different decade, I might turn out completely different than who I am today.

To add on, in the 90s there was the rise of the popular music genre, hip-hop. Artists like Snoop Dog, Biggie Smalls, Lauryn Hill, to name a few, were some of the most talented and influential hip-hop artists of the time and are still beloved by many. Their music helped form hip-hop and rap into what it is today. I wonder what it would have felt like to listen to hip-hop for the first time at its inception. The change in music caused mass hysteria and a shift in culture. The impact of music from the 90s was so prominent that it is still popularized to this day; I even have my throwback 90s playlist. The samples and loops artists use today draw inspiration from songs in the 90s, which shows the relevance and influence the decade still has.

90s music wasn’t the only thing that changed. Fashion took a huge turn. I love the fashion from the 90s. Trends from the decade were influential and fashionable, so much so that we see fashion from the 90s making a comeback in recent years. I would have loved to rock the 90s look when it was first trendy. I love rocking the 90s look now, but just imagine how awesome it would have been to wear that look back then and be inspired by the debut of celebrities’ iconic 90s outfits. The best part about 90s fashion was that even though people wore similar outfits inspired by trends, everyone still had their own unique style and flare.

Bri Mariano, a sophomore business student said, “Fashion still plays a big role in today’s society as it did back then, but style back then was much more identifying and louder.”
I agree with Mariano’s statement. For example, Aaliyah, Halle Berry, and Jennifer Lopez, some of the most iconic female celebrities the 90s produced, all had similar styles. Even though they were styled similarly, you can still see they all had their own spin on how they dressed, which made each one of them stick out from the crowd. If you look at photos from the 90s, everyone had their own spin on the trends of the time, and I love that!

Being a teen in the 90s sounds lively, entertaining, and enjoyable. There were new things to discover throughout the decade and events to witness. If only I could have experienced the 90s as a teen.