2024 Anticipated Book Releases

The new year is an inspiring time full of hope and fresh starts. It’s a time when we can look ahead to the future and become excited about all that the year has to offer. The literary world is no exception. This year is set to bring forth a plethora of promising new releases from a variety of popular authors and genres. Here are some of the most anticipated publications coming out this year that will have readers rushing to the nearest bookstore.

  1. “The Fury”
    Written by the author of “The Maidens” and “The Silent Patient,” Alex Michaelides is giving his readership what they want with a brand-new psychological thriller surrounding a murder on a reclusive Greek island.
    The book follows ex-movie star, Lana Farrar, and her famous friends as they become trapped overnight on the island. The night ends with one of their deaths as secrets and true feelings are revealed in a book that is said to be full of twists and turns.
    The book was published on Jan. 16, so run to pick up this intriguing mystery and get to the bottom of the murder.
  2. “Funny Story”
    “Funny Story” is the fifth book written by bestselling author, Emily Henry. Known for her successful contemporary romance releases, Henry knows how to write a book full of interesting, complex characters whose chemistry couldn’t be replicated in a lab.
    In her latest release, readers will follow Daphne and Miles, who agree to become roommates after their respective fiancés leave them for each other. As they become closer, the two come up with a plan to get back at their exes by posting misleading photos of their relationship.
    The book comes out this spring on Apr. 23.
    Victoria Ponce, a senior psychology student commented, “‘Funny Story’ is my most anticipated book of the year. Emily Henry’s books feel nostalgic and remind me of watching a rom-com.”
  3. “Not in Love”
    “Not in Love” will be the latest released book written by Ali Hazelwood, who’s best known for her STEM-based romance novels.
    Rue Seibert is a biotech engineer at a promising start-up company. Everything is going well for her until the company is taken over by Eli Killgore and his business partners, making the two at odds with each other. Despite their rivalry, Rue and Eli form a secret, no-strings-attached relationship that is fated to end as soon as it begins: when one company buys out the other.
    Knowing Hazelwood, this book is sure to be another best-seller. Find this stunning new romance on the shelves on June 11.
  4. “House of Flame and Shadow”
    “House of Flame and Shadow” is the third novel in the Crescent City trilogy written by Sarah J. Maas. Best known for her two wildly popular series A Court of Thrones and Roses and Throne of Glass, Maas is no amateur in the world of fantasy.
    The trilogy follows Bryce Quinlan and Hunt Athalar as they attempt to solve a series of murders in Crescent City. Full of demons, angels, shapeshifters, fae, and witches, this urban fantasy story is sure to sweep you off your feet and into the pages.
    The final installment in this trilogy was released on Jan. 30.
  5. “The Familiar”
    Brought to you from the mind of Leigh Bardugo, author of “Ninth House” and the Grishaverse, “The Familiar” is set to be a historical fantasy novel that takes place in the Spanish Golden Age.
    Luzia Cotado, a scullery maid, is found to have possession of magical abilities and is swept off to serve Spain’s king in the war against England. Luzia soon realizes the danger she is in and must seek help from an immortal familiar, Guillén Santangel.
    The plot seems very unique and feels very different from the rest of Bardugo’s past works, making this book an intriguing release for the year. This book comes out Apr. 9, making it the perfect spring read.

    Although there are plenty of other books on my radar—“Voyage of the Damned,” “An Education in Malice,” and “The Fox Wife” to name a few—these featured novels are sure to be some of the most popular in the coming months. Keep an eye out for these exciting new reads to add to your collection!