Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

With Valentine’s Day here, it can be challenging to find the perfect gift for that special someone. Many stores prepare for Valentine’s Day months in advance with rows and rows of teddy bears and chocolates lining the front end of the store. Although there is nothing wrong with splurging for your significant other, there is something to be said about setting time aside to make something that is extra special to them instead of focusing solely on the price.

Many people will buy flowers for their valentine. Roses are one of the most common flowers bought for Valentine’s Day, particularly red ones. According to Scent and Violet, red roses are a symbol of love and romance, making them a popular selection for the day of love.

You don’t have to stop there, though. Experiment with different assortments, creating a beautiful, unique bouquet to tell that special someone how you feel through the language of flowers. Dahlias, honeysuckles, and forget-me-nots are just a few flower options that represent love and commitment, according to Florally. If you’re buying for a friend or family member, consider sunflowers, hydrangeas, or pink roses, which symbolize close familial bonds and platonic love.

Another specialized gift idea is a Spotify playlist created uniquely for your valentine. Pick songs that remind you of that special someone and how you feel when you’re around them. Use music to express how you feel if you can’t with your words.

Additionally, Spotify has a feature in which people can share playlists. You can formulate a playlist together, adding songs gradually over time that remind you of dates, get-togethers, and special memories, creating a master playlist that encapsulates your relationship.

Another cute gift idea involves a little creativity. Assemble a compilation of items you’ve amassed through some of your favorite moments with your valentine, such as concert tickets, little notes, and Polaroids. Turn these items into a special gift by adding them to a shadow box or

creating a small journal with sentiments and reflections. It’s a great way to organize the objects you’ve collected together and to reminisce on some of the significant moments in your relationship.

To further connect to that special someone this holiday, it may also help to spend some time together away from the rush of daily life. Going to the beach or on a hike in a local park, especially if fitness is important to either of you, can help you work through stress while also talking about the important things that you may not have a chance to talk about during the hustle and bustle of your everyday routines.

Another fun idea for Valentine’s Day is recreating elements of your first date to celebrate the budding of your relationship and how far you’ve grown together. Find a recipe online and recreate that first special dinner at home. Listen to the first song you heard together in the car or watch the first movie you went to see with each other. There’s something so special about thinking back on the significant moments the two of you have shared.

Valentine’s Day need not be just for couples. Spend quality time with your friends or family this holiday by watching some of your favorite movies or playing board games. Live in nostalgia for a bit as you recount special memories and create new ones that you can celebrate for years to come.

For those who dread Valentine’s Day, nothing is better than celebrating yourself this holiday through a little self-love. Write down goals, meditate, read— do something that keeps you grounded and relaxed. It’s important to center yourself and create an environment where you can be happy. Even if you don’t have plans for the day, it is still a time in which you can set positive affirmations towards work, school, and anything else you don’t feel the most confident in.

Time can be the greatest gift, whether you’re getting to know yourself or another. Use Valentine’s Day to stop, pause, and smell the roses. You might be surprised what kind of love you find all around you.