Anticipated Summer Book Releases

Summer is the perfect time for reading. As you sit outside and bask in the fresh air and sunlight, there is no better time to pick up a book and dive headfirst into a brand-new story. From swoon-worthy romances, to edge-of-your-seat thrillers, and stunning works of literary fiction, this summer’s book releases truly have it all.

“Exhibit” by R.O. Kwon
Written by the bestselling author of “The Incendiaries,” “Exhibit” follows two women: Jin Han and Lidija Jung. Jin is a photographer in a struggling marriage with her college sweetheart. Lidija is a world-class ballerina who’s on a mysterious hiatus from her studio. As the two grow closer through their love of art, romantic tensions begin to bloom and Lidija tells Jin about a curse that has plagued her family despite the risk of death and ruin by exposing their familial secret. “Exhibit” comes out on May 21 and is sure to be a moving, alluring novel.

“If Something Happens to Me” by Alex Finlay
Set to release on May 28, “If Something Happens to Me” is a psychological thriller told from several intertwining points of view. Five years ago, Ryan Richardson and his girlfriend Ali were attacked, with both Ali and her car being taken without a trace. The nature of the disappearance left people feeling very suspicious of Ryan, but he was never charged. Now, he’s moved on as best he can and is enrolled in law school. However, when in Italy on a study-abroad trip, he gets a call that Ali’s car has been found at the bottom of a lake…with two dead men inside and a mysterious note from Ali. Ryan must embark on a journey around the world from Italy to the UK to Paris to uncover the truth with the help of a Kansas sheriff’s deputy and a Philadelphian mobster. This plot sounds like a whirlwind of a story perfect for fans of crime dramas and a good old-fashioned mystery.

“The Stardust Grail” by Yume Kitasei
If you’re a fan of science fiction, this book should be right up your alley. Described as an “anti-colonial space heist” on Goodreads, “The Stardust Grail” follows Maya Hashimoto, a thief who has spent her life returning stolen art pieces to their rightful civilizations. However, Maya was forced to go into hiding after a job went awry. Now, she’s living a quiet life but is plagued with disturbing visions of the future. She’s suddenly approached by a friend with a job to recover a powerful object that has the potential to save an entire alien civilization. Full of twists and turns, this book has betrayals, adventure, and a thought-provoking look at imperialism and colonization. Check it out on Jun. 11.

“The Rom-Commers” by Katherine Center
In this new contemporary romance set to release on Jun. 11, Emma Wheeler is a struggling screenwriter. Despite winning several competitions for her rom-com, she also is the sole caretaker of her ailing father. When she gets the opportunity to work with her role model, Charlie Yates, on his screenplay in L.A., Emma takes it. But when she gets there, she finds that Charlie doesn’t want help with his script. And even worse, he doesn’t even care about this project or rom-coms in general. Emma is determined to show him that love stories matter, and, you guessed it, romance ensues.

“Same As It Ever Was” by Claire Lombardo
Soon to be released on Jun. 18, this family drama follows Julia Ames, a 57-year-old mother of two living in the suburbs. Despite her wealthy upbringing, Julia has lived a tumultuous life. Now, however, she thinks she’s found her calm plateau. However, this peace is broken by her son’s shocking announcement and her teenage daughter’s rebellious nature. On top of that, a chance encounter with her estranged friend unravels buried secrets. The book explores themes of family and friendship and the complexities of marriage and motherhood, creating a stunning work of fiction.

“The Pairing” by Casey McQuiston
From the author of the bestselling novel “Red, White, and Royal Blue” comes a second-chance romance between two estranged exes. Theo and Kit have been friends since childhood but after a terrible breakup on a flight to Europe, they’ve been no-contact for four years. All that’s left of their relationship is the unused voucher for the European food and wine tour they never took. Both Theo and Kit have the same idea to use them before they expire, leaving them stuck together for three weeks. To prove they don’t still have feelings for one another, they agree to have an international hookup competition. Coming out on Aug. 6, this book is sure to be full of tension as Theo and Kit rekindle their romance and find their way back to each other.

“Lady Macbeth” by Ava Reid
Based on “Macbeth” by William Shakespeare, Ava Reid has given a new perspective to one of his most famous characters in this feminist retelling. The story follows Roscille, a bastard daughter cursed with witchy powers. She’s used for little more than a pawn by her father, who offers her up as a wife to a violent Scottish warrior. However, when she gets to Glammis, Roscille forges her own path when she gets to Macbeth’s castle, using her powers and manipulation to survive her husband and his court. The premise doesn’t give much away to its readers, making the book even more intriguing. Make sure to pick up this fantastical retelling on Aug. 6.

There’s truly something for everyone this coming summer. Jumpstart your reading era with one of these exciting new book releases.