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Blue Hawk Records is “Open 24 Hours” this Friday

Monmouth University’s Blue Hawk Records (BHR) will be releasing their 24th compilation album, “Open 24 Hours,” on Friday, Apr. 19.

After their last compilation album “Chapter XXII”—featuring Abby Garcia, Angela An, The Blackouts, Ruaa Khalifa, Michael Anthony Rocks, and Amani Lillian—came out in December, there’s no telling what this next chapter will bring. Although one thing is for certain: Blue Hawk Records rarely misses.
With that being said, I’m sure you’re wondering, “Well, what’s the new album? Who’s on it?” Let’s get right into it.

The artists being featured in this album are Sami Khatri, Anna Dioguardi, K.N.G, Stevie 808, Azure Kai, and Louer. There’s no doubt that these artists put together make for an entertaining listen. Knowing BHR, the music will tell a compelling story, whether it’s heartbreak, moving on, growing up, or simply a jam; the creativity knows no bounds. After all, capturing raw emotions and life experiences is what an artist does best.

The vibes for this album remind me of a coming-of-age 1990s or 2000s movie. The promo photos and content portray nostalgia for the overall album picture. The photos depict the artists sitting in a booth of an old diner. The colors are almost electric, bringing out that nightly glow and neon. Of course, it’s nightlife-esque, that’s why BHR is “Open 24 Hours.” Oh, and it’s their 24th compilation album; gotta love a smart title. Now the real question is, will the songs fit the vibe? Will these truly be the type of songs you can sing and scream to in your car like “Chapter XXII?” Here are some sneak peeks at the new tracks.
Sami Khatri’s song is called “Burden Like Me.” Khatri is a freshman musical theatre major who knows her way around a piano. In my opinion, people trained in musical theatre-style performance create the best music. Just look at Ariana Grande: she started out in theatre performing in shows like, “13: The Musical.” Khatri’s song is about what it feels like to be a burden to someone.

“I wrote the first few lines of this song one random day right before I went to bed and the next morning I woke up and wrote the rest of it on my piano,” Khatri said. When a song flies out of you, it’s definitely a surreal experience. Khatri’s song is sure to be a special one for not just her but for anyone who listens.
Another artist with a song coming out on the album is Kiumbura Githinji, a.k.a K.N.G., with his song “Pull Up.” While I cannot say for certain what this song will sound like, I can imagine it gives off the nightlife vibe of the album. Based on the title alone, this song could be your badass, main character, and windows-down moment. Only time will tell, and by time, I mean this Friday.

Steven DiPietro a.k.a. Stevie 808’s song “Way You Move” will surely have you jamming. He has been on BHR’s previous album “Exit 22” with his songs “In My Head” and the “Back On Track” album with “Corner Store.” According to the BHR website, “His style is a mesh between pop and melodic rap with a strong focus on melody, and his production reflects this,” and I would expect nothing different from this new track. His vocals can be compared to Wallows, Post Malone, and Kid LAROI. His unique artistry and being in complete control of who he is as an artist will make his track unforgettable.

Louie Forsthoffer, a.k.a Louer, has his song “Rebel Kid” coming out on the album. In listening to his songs on Spotify, he could quite possibly become your new favorite indie artist. His sound will remind you of an early 2000s movie like “10 Things I Hate About You.” Patrick Verona would highly approve of Louer and his sound, that’s for sure. With BHR’s production style and Louer’s already established sound, “Rebel Kid” will be a new era for the artist.

The next artist with a track on the new album is Anna Dioguardi, a sophomore psychology major. Dioguardi’s song is called “Not That Girl.” It is about breaking free from the expectations of others and owning your worth. Who doesn’t love a confidence-boost anthem? There’s no certain answer on what this song will sound like, however I would say it might be a mix of sad lyrics mixed with an upbeat tone or vice versa.

“This song came to be when I was sitting in my room one night, and I had a random tune stuck in my head. I decided to grab my ukulele and start writing to it, and in a little less than an hour, I finished my song,” Dioguardi explained. Sometimes, you just know when a song comes to you, and it’s meant to be. That’s how Dioguardi felt.

Last but certainly not least is Ashley Zingillioglu, a.k.a Azure Kai’s song “Don’t Hug My Mama.” Kai, like Stevie 808, has had a song on a BHR album in the past: “Karakatang” on “Exit 22.” On the BHR website, her music is described as “…a unique style circled around contemporary pop, hip-hop, and funk.” And oh boy, does this music bring the funk back into the 21st century. The rhythmic instruments like the bass guitars, electric guitars, and keyboard melody give Kai’s song the ability to strike a chord. It’s the type of music where you can literally see colors swirling around you if you close your eyes. “Don’t Hug My Mama” will likely be a pop, hip-hop, funk masterpiece.

This BHR album will give you more songs to add to your playlist and support your campus artists. But don’t take my word for it, take Dioguardi’s: “Students should listen to this compilation album because it is made up of six beautifully talented artists who have worked so hard to make their songs into art.”