Samantha Caramela

Living With a 24/7 Bully

Samantha Caramela is constantly bullying herself. Every day and night since she was a little girl, this “24/7 bully” inside Caramela has been telling her that she is selfish, a harm to others, and that she doesn’t deserve love. This bully is making Caramela fear herself consistently, but Caramela is finding a way to defend herself. This bully is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.


Gen-Y: Can We Really be Considered the Blackout Generation?

We are referred to as the Millennials, and even Generation Y. Now people are beginning to refer to us as something not so positive: The Blackout Generation. Blackout Generation is classified as college aged students who try to get drunk as fast as possible. This longing to be drunk quickly resulting in quickly consuming alcohol, is also known as binge drinking. Being a college student, this is seen as being normal. In actuality, we know it is not safe and poses harm to our bodies.


Broadway Musicals Are Making The Move To Be More Popular for the Masses

If anyone knows the musical, Wicked, they know one of the show’s most famous songs, “Popular.” Popular is one of the first songs sung by Glinda the Good Witch in the first act, and it begs one to question what makes a person popular. On the other hand, the music that is popular on radio stations and Billboard charts today begs one to question why this music is popular.