Lesser Known Music Apps

For a long time, music app users have either been Pandora people or Spotify people. There is always a preference between the two.

While both stations come with limited “skips” and boring advertisements, customization of these apps are key. On Pandora, you can pick multiple stations, and have the company select songs for you within that playlist. On Spotify, you can set up a playlist with as many songs as you want to have songs shuffled without your control. You can also share music with Facebook friends and follow other user’s playlists.

There are some issues with Spotify though. If you have bought songs on iTunes but have them in a playlist on Spotify, you cannot listen to those songs on Spotify on your computer. On the phone app, which in my case is a big battery-drainer, you can only shuffle your playlists and music.

Of course, the advertisements can be bothersome too. Kristine Simoes, a specialist professor of communication, used music apps in the past.

“I have used Pandora, Spotify and iFit during runs. The problem is, I had each open at once since my music shut off in the middle of working out. I switched between the apps to avoid ads.” Simoes said.

Olivia Wolski, a junior oceanography major, is strictly a Pandora user but does not mind the ads. “I love Pandora. I use it to listen to my 90’s Disney station and pop hits. It usually gives me exactly what I want, and it’s for free. That’s the best part,” Wolski said.

Many people also use YouTube to listen to songs fast, and even make playlists on their computers. Some features of YouTube are not as convenient on the iPhone or Android. YouTube will not play in the background on your phone; the video would have to be open for the music to continue playing.

This is when apps like MixerBox Inc’s., MB2 come in. MB2, which is like YouTube but also gives the opportunity to close out of the app and leave it open in the background. The YouTube app allows listeners to create playlists, but once a listener closes out of the playlist to open another app, it closes and the music stops. MB2 plays in the background so that you can play Candy Crush or open Twitter if you please.

MB2 is also a third party app, but it gives recommendations for songs and playlists, much like Pandora would. An even better version of this app is iTube. It is almost the same but the music starts as soon as the app is opened and plays in the background just like MB2.

Jacqueline Sheedy, a junior communication major said, “My favorite music app that I’ve been using for years now has to be Pandora. I like that it offers a variety of stations and every time I listen I always discover new music and artists.”

Finding new music is important, and Band of the Day, does just that. This app is set up like a calendar for each day of the month so users can find new music. Each day a new artist is selected on app Band of the Day. This artist is one that many users probably would not have heard of and their music is streamed on the app. For the rest of the month, samples from that artist and information about him or her is available.

A “Feature” section is offered to each user, giving background information and quotes from the band about who they are. An album section is available for users to find music from this artist and become fans.

Pandora and Spotify may be the go-to music apps for most people but there are other hidden gems beyond the standard ones. Apps like Band of the Day, MB2, and iTube are charting their way to the top of users’ preferences also.