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Springsteen Archive Awards

April 15 marked a momentous occasion for the Bruce Springsteen Archives and Center for American Music as they held their first ever inaugural American Music Honors, celebrating four remarkable musicians at a sold-out event at Pollack Theatre. The star-studded night featured the honorees consisting of country/blues/rock singer-songwriter Steve Earle, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame […]


The Great Hailey-Selena Feud

If you’re on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, or just don’t live under a rock, you’ve probably heard a thing or two about some drama going on between actress/singer/CEO Selena Gomez and influencer/model Hailey Bieber, formally known as Hailey Baldwin, the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin. For some background, Hailey is married to Justin Bieber, but Selena […]


How to Form a Band

It was the summer of ’68 when Marc Muller, present-day professional musician and Monmouth University adjunct professor, was gifted his first real six-string. For him, forming a band was as easy as forming a sentence. At the time, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, and Jimi Hendrix were releasing new music and inspiring the youth; it […]


10 Best Movies to Watch This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day: the day capable of two extremes. The first extreme involves romantic plans with a significant other, often characterized by flowers, chocolates, and other gifts intended to showcase one’s feelings. On the other side of the spectrum, there are groups of friends or single individuals eating and drinking their feelings away. Nonetheless, putting on […]


“There’s No One Place For Woody”

On Dec. 1, the Bruce Springsteen Archives and Center For American Music hosted a conversation and book signing with Nora Guthrie and Robert Santelli on their book, Woody Guthrie: Songs and Art, Words and Wisdom at the Great Hall Auditorium. The book was recently awarded the 2022 Deems Taylor Award/Virgil Thomson Book award from the […]


Robert Santelli Named New Director of the Bruce Springsteen Archives

Robert Santelli was named the new Executive Director of Monmouth University’s Bruce Springsteen Archives & Center for American Music this past July. Santelli is a former faculty member and Monmouth alum. He was even the Entertainment Editor for The Outlook, writing about Springsteen during the earlier part of his musical career. Santelli followed Springsteen’s trajectory […]


Celebrating the Life of Takeoff

Rap trio Migos member, Takeoff (Kirshink Khari Ball), was fatally shot on Nov. 1 in Houston, Texas after a game of dice went awry at a private party. Takeoff was one of three people shot that evening. Coroners have ruled Takeoff’s death a homicide, and the killer is still at large. At only 28, Takeoff […]