Everything in Moderation: A Balance Between Health and Alcohol

You wake up after a long night of drinking. You feel bloated, heavier, and full of regret from all the unhealthy choices you made the night before. Yet, at the same time, you are filled with joy by how much fun you had with all your best friends last night. This is a repetitive scenario many college students of the legal drinking age face. It is a constant juggling act between staying healthy and creating incredible memories on the weekends.


New York Fashion Week 2014

The Biggest Trends to Grace the Runway will be Hitting the Streets Next Fall

It’s hard to think about the cold returning once again when the only thing on people’s minds are hot summer days. But, last week in NYC the cold weather was overshadowed by all the great new fashion trends that will be seen in store windows; last week was New York’s Fall Fashion week.