The Benefits of Stressful Times

The end of the semester is approaching fast. I have essay upon essay due, group project after group project coming to a close and the stress is almost becoming unbearable.

As I sit here in self-loathing for all the procrastinating I have done, I wanted to remind myself why the stress of school is not that bad.

First off, being stressed over college assignments means that I am in school. There are plenty of people who cannot afford to go to school.

If I were to so much as complain to them that I have a paper to write they might laugh in my face. I try to breath each stressful breath deep and know that somewhere out there, someone is jealous of the paper I have due on consumerism in America.

Not only are people jealous that I am stressed from school because I can afford to attend, there are also graduates who lust for the days when the most stressful aspect of their life was a group project.

Right now all the finals looming in the back of my mind seem to be the end of the world, but in reality when I am sitting in some am to 5 pm job, I will be wishing for these days. I have to remember to enjoy the easy stress that comes with college.

I also like to try to remind myself how boring my life would be without all this stress. Think about it; if you take college out, and the stress of papers, tests, and assignments due, life becomes pretty blasé.

Yes, it’s enjoyable for a couple months (i.e. why we need summer vacation) but by the end of the summer I am always itching to get back to school. Stress at times can feel daunting, but I’d much rather have this stress then go through a very simple, boring life.

I tried to find one more reason to revel in the stress as I watched the clock tick closer and closer to my group project’s due date. So I took to the internet and found that stress can actually help boost our immune systems. The more stress we incur the better we are able to cope with stress.

Being sick in the summer is never a good time, so I can look at this stress as prep for sick-free summer months. I can also look at the stress I’m under now to help me better prep for the stresses that come later on in life.

It’s also important to remember there is an end. We are officially about two weeks away from the end of another semester, that’s about 14 days to go.

In 14 days the sun will shine, my summer job will start and my weeks will be filled with endless bliss. The going may seem tough now, but in 504 hours I will relax on the beach a whole lot easier knowing that I gave this semester my all.

So stay strong, and remember in the end the stress is a good thing and will eventually pay off.