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Facebook Fink

I have personal stuff all over Facebook. I don’t want a possible employer looking at this. How do I clean up my mess?

I sense the urgency in your question, since you will soon be applying for jobs. While you need to remove the negatives from FB, do not overlook the flip side. Your FB account can also be a marketing tool, giving potential employers insight into your character and abilities.

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Healthcare Hurdle

Across the country, international students are part of the student body. Do they qualify for Obamacare?

In answering your question, I am trying to surmise whether you are a Trump supporter or opponent. The answer is no, they do not receive it. That satisfies your question, but the issue is much larger: how do international students afford and access health care in the U.S.?

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Parental Perspective

My parents do not understand how much college has changed since they were here. Please explain it to them?

You know you parents had the same request when they were students and tried to explain a changing world to your grandparents. However, your generation has clearly seen exponential changes in college, career and life. The advent of the digital age surely leads the way, but you will read below your parents’ generation set changes in motion that you are now experiencing.

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Student Start-Up

I have many business ideas and I think at least one is good. What are the odds on starting a successful, new business in college?

Your question got everyone’s attention, thinking you had another Facebook. Besides the well-known Internet start-ups from Harvard alum, many non-online businesses have been started by students. Since the newest billionaires have online ventures, the others do not get as much media attention. However, finding many success stories, we want to give you an overview of what you can do and how to get help.

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To the Manor Born

Here at the University, we have adequate housing. What is the deal with some dorms providing pools, gyms and saunas?

You and I have the same question. Who is living this lifestyle, at which colleges and how much is it? Student housing from earlier decades had only one goal; provide students with a place to live. With burgeoning college enrollment, the environment began to change and now that dynamic has changed. It naturally increased demand for off-campus housing, and real estate developers quickly recognized an opportunity. Just as expected, outside developers are more cost-efficient housing developers than the host university. One key source of demand, incoming foreign students, prefer to reside off-campus. You and I both missed out. Read about the privileged few.

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School Spirit

I am building a new website, that I think is a great idea. What are some creative techniques for marketing to college students?

This is an intriguing question, since we all know about wildly successful college start-ups such as Facebook, Reddit and WordPress. We would prefer to list innovative new ideas just waiting to be implemented. A more helpful approach would be to overview past successes and tell you why they worked, so that’s what we’ll do here.