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Betting on Bitcoin

I have a couple of friends who are really into Bitcoin, so I’d heard of it even before it was all over the news this week. But I still don’t think I totally understand what Bitcoin is. It’s a currency with no government behind it, which I get. But if it’s a currency, how are people investing in it? And do they have to pay taxes on it even though it’s not backed by the United States government? Is it a safe thing to invest in? Will it keep going up? My friends want me to buy it, and they each own a ton of it, so I’m in need of some expert help!

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Accidents and Attorneys

I was recently involved in a car accident that was definitely not my fault. The other driver seems like a nice enough person, but she made a big mistake, and now I’m dealing with stuff like medical bills (my parents are taking care of a lot of this for me, but I feel bad about it, because they obviously had nothing to do with the accident!). What I’m wondering is: should I consider a lawsuit here to try to get some money to help with the bills? I don’t want to hurt the other driver, but I also don’t want my parents to bear an unfair financial burden. How will I know if I have a case? How much money could I get? Experts, please help!

It sounds as if you’ve been put in a tough position through no fault of your own. It’s natural to want to be compensated by the person who really was at fault. Getting the money you deserve should be a simple thing, right?

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Sleeping Soundly

I don’t sleep very well at night. I know that a lot of college kids don’t get the sleep they’re supposed to, but I feel like I’m really trying, and it’s just not happening! Maybe it’s that I’m in an unfamiliar place, but I always feel uncomfortable and distracted. It’s either too hot or too cold, it’s too loud, it’s too bright… Day after day, I wake up feeling like I didn’t sleep at all. Can the experts give me any tips on getting a good night’s rest? 

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Betterment and Beaches

I’m not a very frivolous person. In fact, most of my friends think I need to lighten up a little–and, to be fair, they’re probably right. But for whatever reason, this is just who I am! I accept that, and I accept that my sense of fun is going to be a little different from everyone else’s. I don’t like wasting time–I’d rather spend time getting better at something or learning something than watching a movie or having a drink.