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Tests, Quizzes, Essays… and a Publication

Some students decide to get in­volved with student affairs, others with athletics, some with clubs, and then there are a few others who decide to write books. This happens to be the choice that Aziz Mama and Matthew- Donald Sangster made when they co-authored The Stranger Inside: Stories from Beneath the Mirrored Glass, published in May 2011 under their own publication house, Mama Sangster Publications.


Overcoming the Obstacle of Writer’s Block

IMAGE TAKEN from wordsmithbob.comThe vertical flashing black line in Microsoft Word is staring you down and reminding you just how little you have written thus far. Writer’s block can be downright demoralizing if you have an assignment due. Whether it is from distraction or procrastination, or your mind is at a standstill, writer’s block is frustrating when it refuses to relent. What is it that causes this bothersome problem and how can it be defeated if someone is stuck at a crossroads?


Psychology Course Turns Into Weekly Six Flags Visit

Elephants, dolphins and rhinoceros

These are just a few of the animals that students have the chance to interact with this semester and observe in the new Field Experience: Six Flags Wild Safari course being offered this spring. It is an upper level course being offered to 15 psychology students for the first time. The course includes visits to Six Flags as well as class meetings, library research and journaling of on-site supervised exposure to the animals. The class was the brainchild of Dr. Lisa Dinella, Assistant Psychology Professor at the University.

Magic Air University

Magic is in the Air at the University

Do you believe in magic? Does the sleight of hand intrigue you? Magic throughout time has always had a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ quality to it, often perplexing and provoking illicit gasps in audiences for centuries. It has evolved into an extraordinary genre that baffles and tricks the senses. It is not your average “abracadabra” form of magic anymore. There is definitely more than pulling a white fuzzy rabbit out of a black hat.