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'Take A Hike' with The Outdoors Club

Take A Hike ODCMonmouth University’s Outdoors Club (ODC) was first established in 2006 in an effort to provide students with adventures beyond their academic exploration. ODC hopes to be the reason behind the fondest of memories for students during their journey of higher education.

ODC prides itself on offering a nontraditional escape from the tedious routines of college life to the Monmouth University community through trips to new places.

Some of the more extraordinary events include White Water Rafting down the Hudson River in the height of fall foliage and nights spent under the stars around a campfire. There have also been multiple weekend camping trips around the Garden State, horseback riding, and kayaking under the summer sun.

The Outdoors Club also offers students a break from hectic class schedules with day trips, such as rock climbing nights at a local rock gym, trips to Skyzone to blow off some steam, board game nights in the student center, picnics at Shark River Park, and hikes in parks surrounding campus.

The small size of Monmouth University sometimes limits the opportunities for students to get involved or escape the confines of campus. Personally, coming from Utah, where outdoor adventures are abundant, to a coastal town like West Long Branch seemed a bit mundane to me a first. However, Monmouth’s Outdoors Club strives to combat the monotony of college life and costal living by encouraging students to explore the natural beauty of New Jersey.

William Reynolds, a clinical practice supervisor for information technology and advisor of The Outdoor’s Club, said,  “Students who are involved in clubs, teams, and on-campus jobs tend to feel a better connection to the university, have better grades and are more likely to complete their degrees.”

Take A Hike ODC 2ODC strives to connect students to each other through different activities and adventures on and off campus. When asked what makes ODC different from other clubs on campus, Reynolds said, “We are a family!” ODC is open to all students and faculty from all walks of life, majors, and diverse levels of outdoors capability.

ODC prides itself on having active members from a multitude of different educational levels, from freshman to Graduate students. Graduate business administration student, Joseph Grembowiec has been a member of the club for five years, and served on the executive board.

When asked why he first joined the Outdoors Club, Grembowiec said, “I wanted to experience what it was like to be part of a club and make new friends. The Outdoors Club gave me wonderful opportunities to camp in beautiful areas, relax and have fun after doing a lot of schoolwork, and it gave me a community who appreciated me for being me.”

When asked what makes ODC great, freshman English student, Caitlin Clarke, and club executive board officer said, “One of the most amazing things about ODC is how welcoming it is. When I went on my first trip back in September I knew only one person in the entire club, however, everyone welcomed me in and made me feel like I was home.” Outdoors club is a place where students can take a step away from the stresses of college life and sit around a campfire with friends who become family or hike the beautiful and unknown wilderness of New Jersey.

Make sure to follow the club on Facebook at Monmouth University Outdoors Club and on Instagram at monmouthoutdoorsclub to get information on upcoming trips.

For more details, please contact Grace Roeder at Life on a small campus like Monmouth can be ordinary, or extraordinary. It all depends on what you decide to get involved in. So take a chance, explore and “take a hike” with Monmouth University’s Outdoors Club.