Mike Stud Spring Fest

MIKE STUD to Perform at Springfest

Rapper Mike Stud will be performing at 2018’s Springfest, the Student Government Association (SGA) announced on Friday, March 30.

According to Vibe, Stud’s journey to music began after suffering an elbow injury in baseball.

The Rhode Island native was an All-American relief pitcher at Duke University, but his dreams of playing in the majors were cut short due to his injury.

Taking a different path in life, Stud found a new direction through music. The 29 year-old has made waves in the music industry, especially in 2014 with the release of his second album Closer.

The album’s title song Closer peaked at thirteen on Billboard’s R&B/Hip Hop chart in 2014.

If you haven’t heard Stud’s music, you may have come across him on MTV. In 2016, the rapper had his own reality show, This is Mike Stud.

Stud’s reality show followed him on the road during his nationwide Back2You tour.

Some of Stud’s most recent releases come from last year with singles such as Shine, which features Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Marcus Stroman.

Jihad Johnson, senior communication student and Director of Events and Programming, expressed his excitement about the upcoming show.

“Spring Fest is a couple of weeks away and I am pumped! The Springfest committee– along with the other Events Committee–have both worked really hard this year to make the events SGA holds as great as they can be.”

Jihad continued, “I’ve had the great opportunity to work with the Springfest committee all year and I must say Claudia [Sanchez] and Phoebe [Nelson] have worked extremely hard. A lot of the work they do sometimes goes unnoticed and I like to give them credit when credit is due.”

 If there’s one thing Jihad wants his peers to know, it’s that Mike Stud is a great artist and is going to put on a great performance for Monmouth University.“He is young and talented and full of energy, exactly what Monmouth needs to end off yet another great academic year. If you’re not pumped about Springfest already, you need to be because it’s going to be epic.”

Bouncing off of Jihad, Phoebe Nelson, junior political science student and SGA Springfest co-chair, said she and Claudia (the other half of the position) had a lot of fun during the process of finding an artist.

“Claudia and I worked diligently with Student Activities Board to find an artist for this year’s Springfest. After searching on a limited budget, we found modern rapper, Mike Studm,” said Nelson.

Phoebe and Claudia hope that the student body enjoys his performance as much as they anticipate.

Some students may just be tuning into Mike Stud, however Christina Miceli, senior social work student, is a die-hard fan.

“I got to meet Mike Stud at a concert freshman year. He was so humble and I’ll never forget that moment,” Miceli said.

“It was crazy to see that he was our Springfest artist. What a great way to wrap up my senior year, leaving the way I started.”