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Ciao from the Italian Club

Italian ClubBetween the exquisite architecture, unforgettable food, and expressive hand gestures, Italian culture is rich in history and tradition. Great food and a deep-rooted sense of family values are synonymous within the Italian culture. There’s nothing quite like sharing in that passion with others who appreciate the culture and language over a hot cappuccino.

In the spirit of promoting diversity and inclusion at Monmouth, the Italian Club welcomes all those who are interested in gaining a deeper understanding and awareness of the culture.

Through their annual “La Festa Italiana,” Sunday family dinners, dessert and design event, students who are from Italian background or those who wish to learn more about the culture share in the tradition of Italian hospitality.

Maria Simonelli, Ph.D., a professor of Italian and Latin and faculty advisor of the club, encourages students of all different ethnicities to join the Italian club.

 “[The club] is very beneficial to students of all backgrounds, because they expand their horizon enrich their knowledge of other culture, making them well rounded and create a lifetime lasing bound,” said Simonelli.

The organization’s steadfast commitment to cultural values and culinary appeal creates an authentic experience into Italy. Juliana Illiano, a junior history and education student and Italian Club President, said, “Students join the club to learn more about the Italian heritage that they can bring back home,” said Illiano.

There are many benefits to membership in the Italian Club. “[Students] can become more involved on campus, but because they can also learn more about the Italian language. We also hope that the club may spark student’s interest to study abroad in Italy,” said Illiano.

Organizations such as the Italian Club open student’s eyes to the world outside of the beautifully manicured grounds of Monmouth’s campus and promote adventure to foreign areas.

Caitlin Mazzella, a sophomore English student, said, “The club contributes to culture to campus simply because it is a culture in itself. I love that we get to share the Italian culture with the student body, and they get something out of it too. By understanding and being exposed to different cultures, people can respect diversity more and celebrate it. I am happy to be part of Italian club and supporting them through this process.”

In order to truly immerse yourself in the campus culture and other ethnicities, it is imperative to become involved during your college career to learn how to embrace a sense of appreciation for diversity.

“It is very beneficial to students of all backgrounds because they expand their horizon enrich their knowledge of other culture, making them well rounded and create a lifetime lasing bound,” said Simonelli.

The Italian Club truly has a way of bringing a little piece of Italy to our coastal campus with delicious food and their Hawk family mentality.

If you’re interested in the Italian language, tradition, or you’re just a big foodie, contact Club President Juliana Illiano at for more information.

PHOTO TAKEN by Amber Galati

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