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S.O.A.R. Awards Honor Clubs and Students

default article imageThe Supporting Outstanding Achievement through Recognition awards were held April 18 in the McGill Commons Club Dining Room on campus. The S.O.A.R. awards are held to honor registered clubs and students who have been actively involved at the University. The nominees of these awards have made great accomplishments and greater impacts on campus and in their community. Assistant Director of Student Activities for Multicultural and Diversity Initiatives Heather Kelly and Assistant Director of Student Activities and Student Center Megan McGowan hosted the awards. 

McGowan opened by welcoming the students and clubs to the event and telling the audience that the amount of nominations was up to 60 for this year. Then the award ceremony commenced.
Publicity ribbons were announced first. This award honors and recognizes clubs and students who create outstanding advertisement for their organization and events. Fourth place went to Nicole Levy of the Student Government Association for her Holiday Bazar advertisement. First, second and third place all went to Caroline Walker of the Student Activities Board. Third place was for her Dorney Park trip advertisement, second was for a Rachel Platten ad, and first was for her 70’s Roller Skating ad. Honorable mentions for this category were received by students of Hawk TV.

The next award announced was for Civic Engagement. To earn this award, students and clubs must reach out to the community outside of the University and improve connections with that community. SGA took this award for “The Big Event” which is the largest community service project that is held at the University. They also were recognized for their charity auction to benefit Michael’s Feat. Runners up for the Civic Engagement award include The Outlook, Community Service Club and sorority Phi Sigma Sigma.

The Promotional award honors students and organizations that do an excellent job in promoting their organization and the events they hold. Runners up for this category were SGA and Phi Sigma Sigma, while Alpha Xi Delta took first place. They advertise themselves effectively through flyers, business cards and various social media. Their Facebook page went from 114 likes to 318 in the course of a year, according to Kelly.

The Collaboration award goes to the student organization that demonstrates active involvement and relations with another student organization. Runners up were Hawk TV and WMCX student radio. SGA took this award for their involvement with various clubs and student organizations to promote events such as a carnival for the Veterans Association, Homecoming and a Kate Vogel Concert.
Presented next was the Outstanding Member award. This recognizes a student who is not a member of the executive board, but is a loyal member who is always there for his or her organization. For this award, Elena Pellarin of Phi Sigma Sigma took first place.
The Outstanding Executive Board Member award had an impressive 17 nominations this year. The winner was Alexa Anastasio of Residence Hall Association. Her first year, she played a tremendous role in organizing the Winter Ball at the University. The next year she was involved in organizing Battle of the Buildings.

Advisers were recognized with the next award. The excellence in Advising award goes to student club advisors who effectively oversee their club’s accomplishments and are always there to help students. Amy Bellina handed this award to her co-presenter Heather Kelly for advising SGA.

New student organizations are honored with the Most Outstanding New Organization award. The University’s new dance club 5,6,7,8 took first place. McGowan also announced that the team had a dance recital this past weekend.
The Outstanding Organization award goes to a club who has made great accomplishments or had much success in what they do. Phi Sigma Sigma took first place once again. They were recognized for their fundraisers and community service. They participated in the “Big Event” as well as other community service opportunities. The University’s chapter of Phi Sigma Sigma has the highest recorded amount of community service hours completed.
The last two awards were for Program of the Year and Event of the Year. These awards are given to clubs who sponsored programs and events for the entire campus community. Program of the Year went to Mike Super of SAB for the illusionist he brought to campus. The Event of the Year went to SGA for Spring Fest where singer Kate Vogel performed.

First-year student Lena Suarez, a runner up for Outstanding Executive Board Member said that it is great that the University acknowledges student accomplishments. “I’m honored to be recognized on campus for everything I do simply because not only is it refreshing to be known by most on campus, but for my accomplishments to be recognized as well,” she said.