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Alpha Kappa Psi Gets Down to Business

Alpha Kappa Psi (AKPsi), the business fraternity, hosted their Second Annual Business Week April 15 - 17 consisting of five different professional events.

Tuesday night, McGill Commons was packed as the fraternity hosted a panel of six different University AKPsi alumni.  The panelists spoke about their careers and gave advice to the audience on everything from the job search to what to expect once you land your first job.

In regards to the workplace, “Don’t be afraid to ask for help, and don’t be afraid to offer help,” alumni panelist Ray Slamb advised. The panelists also unanimously agreed that networking is the most significant thing a student can do in their search for a career.

Wednesday afternoon Young Auditorium with filled with brothers from AKPsi as they presented a check for $2,085 to their philanthropy, Habitat for Humanity. These funds were raised through various events such as bake sales and AKPsi’s Greek Feud, their large philanthropy event modeled after the popular game show that took place in March.

From working with Habitat, AKPsi brothers also had the opportunity to help University President Paul Brown rebuild in Union Beach last fall as part of the Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Project after the local town was devastated by Hurricane Sandy.

Raymond Gabler, a representative from Habitat for Humanity, explained his appreciation for the donation and stated how pleased he was to see young students work so hard to make a difference in the lives of others. He said that the Monmouth County Habitat for Humanity has helped over 80 families affected by Hurricane Sandy and it is only possible because of fundraising and donations.

Later Wednesday night, brothers, faculty, business councilmen, and students gathered together to watch Dean of the Leon Hess Business School, Donald Moliver, become inducted as an honorary brother of Alpha Kappa Psi.

AKPsi Faculty Advisor William Gorman said, “This ceremony is testament to the positive relationship that the chapter has fostered and will continue to foster with the Business school on campus.”


Moliver made a speech after the ritual and stated that he was grateful to be chosen to become an honorary brother.  He hopes to help AKPsi brothers form a better relationship with the University’s business council, as they have so many resources to help students.

Thursday night also consisted of two events.  First was a panel of Human Resource Specialists geared to help the student body learn more about the HR field. The University’s Multicultural and Professional Greek Council cosponsored this event.

Following the panel discussion, a Ballroom Dancing class was hosted. This helped students familiarize themselves with different types of dance as well as allow for a fun, interactive event that is different from most held on campus.

Freshman AKPsi brother Liz Perkel attended Ballroom Dancing and was pleased with how it turned out.  She said, “I liked that it was an activity that everyone could participate in.” Perkel also enjoyed that she was able to bring with her a friend who is not a brother of AKPsi. “It was a bonding experience to learn together, especially since we had to dance with partners,” she said.

Lauren Cane, a senior and founding father of the University’s AKPsi chapter, reflects on how proud she is to witness this year’s Business Week. “I’ve had the privilege of seeing our fraternity grow. I am so happy that we got to hold our second annual Business Week, Cane said.

Cane is not only proud of the chapter’s growth, but also the impact the chapter is having on University students. “It’s important that we give back to the student body with what we strive for as future business professionals,” Cane said.

Gorman concluded, “I thought Business Week this year went tremendously well and was so pleased with it. It truly shows what our fraternity is about.”

PHOTOS COURTESY of Graziella Ruffa

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