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HERO Campaign and Safety Day Postponed

HERO Campaign Saftey Day 1While originally scheduled for this Wedneday, September 28th, the Hero Campaign Club’s drunk-driving and fire safety event has been postponed until October 26th.on the Residential Quad from 12pm to 3pm.

While it is unfortunate that the date was changed due to the weather, students who visit will have the opportunity to drive a golf cart on a course wearing Alcohol Impairment Goggles. The goggles are to simulate the effects of alcohol consumption on the body.

This event is designed to give the participant the impression of what it is like to drive under the invluence of alcohol.

Club member and sophomore health studies major Gretchen Keyser, said, “I like the Hero Campaign because why wouldn’t you want your friends and family to have a safe ride home. it feels like youre making a difference!”

The intention is to spread awareness for drunk driving and to help in preventing less accidents. The HERO Campaign Club also aid participants in making better decisions. It is collaboration with MUPD, Residential Life, MU Fire and Safety, Students in Recovery, Howell Fire Department, Mid Atlantic AAA, West Long Branch Fire Dept, West Long Branch Rescue Squad, Office of Residential Life, Office of Substance Awareness, Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority and HERO Campaign For Designated Drivers Club.

HERO Campaign Saftey Day 2The purpose of the HERO Campaign Club is to promote the use of designated drivers on campus and in our local community, raise awareness and knowledge of drunk driving throughout the Monmouth University community, and emphasize the role of safety and personal responsibility.

The event will also feature some fire safety activites such as an interactive smoke trailer, and a fire extinguishing demo.The event is also part of the SHADOW program.

Senior communication student and Vice President of the club, Clare Maurer, said, “I co-founded HERO with a few other girls who are all still in the club today-- Morgan Lalavee, Natorye Miller, Amanda Mauro, and Bridget McCormick.

Originally Suanne was running the campaign, but we made it an official club within the last couple years. Our goal is to spread awareness of using a designated driver, and stepping up to be sober for your friends sometimes.      

We held a walk two years ago, and every year we have a big award ceremony where we pick a HERO of the Year, someone nominated by students. Safety Day is a great time for students to see what drunk driving is really like.

If this is a cause that interests you, reach out to any of the girls I mentioned earlier and get involved!”

Aside from this event, the HERO Campain club also promotes their message through encouragin students to save Taxi cab numbers in their cellphones, giving them an option to recieve a safe ride home. In addition the club also gives away free cab vouchers in an effort to recieve free local transportation.

Another way the club spreads its message is by encouraging local bars and liquor stores to advertise the Hero message through hanging posters and given free sodas to designated drivers.

Club advisor and Substance Aareness Coordinator Suanna Schaad said,

"It is a fun way to try to spread the word of the importance of being safe."

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