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Blue Hawk Records Debuts Superstition at the Doherty House

Debuts Superstition Doherty HouseUniversity President Grey Dimenna, Esq., welcomed students and alumni into the Doherty House Monday, Nov. 26, to celebrate the launch of Blue Hawk Records’ 13th album Superstition.

The reception was a wonderful way to welcome the six acts before their compilation album Superstition is officially released on all streaming services Dec. 5.

Joe Rapolla, Chair of the Music & Theater Arts Department and founder of Blue Hawk Records, established the student-run record label in 2013 after some time with his own successful music industry career.

Ever since, the label has released a student and alumni compilation album every semester, showcasing the impressive talent our students have to offer in the competitive industry.

Rapolla began the evening by telling Dimenna, “We can’t say thank you enough in regards to all the support you give all the students at the university, in all their endeavors. Not just here with Blue Hawk Records.”

“Thanks for having us here for this great event, and let’s listen to some music,” Rapolla finished before introducing the first musical artist featured on Superstition, Max Adolf.

Max, a freshman student who was born in Maryland but mostly grew up in Hawaii, recently returned home to the east coast to study music and the music industry.

Inspired chiefly by finger style guitarists like Sungha Jung and Tommy Emmanuel, Max’s intimate form and style on his original composition “Miles” shows the way he turned the dining room of the Doherty House into his own stage; a reaction he will draw out from every person lucky enough to listen to his song.

“I absolutely love it,” Max told those in attendance about what draws him to the music recording process.

“Just being able to record and meet all you guys and having so much support behind something I wanted to learn more than four years ago is really rewarding,” the artist concluded.

After Max’s live performance of “Miles,” he was followed by Briana Lyn, a music industry student who has been singing for almost as long as she could breathe.

Briana performed her song “Never Get Too Comfortable,” which is the second song featured on Superstition. She truly stunned those listening with the power and discipline of her voice.

Megan Chase’s original song “Wallpaper” is the third song featured on the Blue Hawk Records thirteenth compilation album.

Her musical inspirations include Daniel Caesar, Rex Orange County, Billie Eilish, and Shawn Mendes. It was clear music is something she feels passionate about.

It showed in the way Megan sang, and in her way to help others find beauty not just in music, but also life.

Tina Siciliano’s original song “I’m Gone” is a heartfelt and emotional track, capturing themes of youth, loss, and the progress we all make every day as people.

Tina has been composing songs since she was nine, and finds a big inspiration from Lady Gaga. Both of these aspects showed in her performance at the launch party, as well as in the Blue Hawk Records recording.

The way she remembered all of the content of the song along with all the right notes and other musical mechanics that make up a professional recording lifted Tina’s strong performance.

The penultimate track of Superstition is Shane Tieger with his band Crown Vic performing “Fist Fight;” an Alice in Chains-like track capturing hints of great genres like classic rock, metal, grunge, and funk.

Finally, the sixth, titular, and last track of  the album is a perfect cover rendition of Stevie Wonder’s timeless classic “Superstition” performed by Mani Kissling, Shadiyah Jai, & Dan Amato.

This trio nails the vocals of the song, and what they capture on the recording is not something that just anyone can do.

In celebration of the album release, there will be a release show held in the University’s Lauren K. Woods Theatre on Dec. 5, starting at 2:45 P.M.

In addition to this performance, the class is also hosting a pre-release show at The Saint in Asbury Park on Sunday, Dec. 2, at 1 P.M.

The event will feature performances from all compilation artists, along with Dan Amato and the Sentimental Gentleman, and Sarah Keany of MOTO Records.

Dimmena captured the essence and magic of the music artists best as he gave his final thoughts of the evening: “One of the reasons I love Blue Hawk Records, besides the music, is the talent that is in this room and even beyond. And the comradery and companionship is amazing.”

Dimmena continued with, “But what is truly amazing is that the university gives you that opportunity to express yourselves by having your own record label. And hopefully it serves as a springboard for you all to do your own albums or music or bands, and it’s just fantastic,” Dimenna said as the party came to a close.

“Superstition,” Blue Hawk Records’ thirteenth compilation album, will be available on all streaming services Dec. 5.

PHOTO TAKEN by Dylan Surmonte

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