Maroon 5 Shows Some “Sugar” at the Super Bowl

Maroon 5 Super BowlLast Sunday, Mercedes Benz Stadium hosted Super Bowl 53 in Atlanta, GA.

It was two halves of the old versus the new: Brady and Belichick of the New England Patriots versus Goff and McVay of the Los Angeles Rams, and right in between, the iconic halftime show.

Maroon 5 headlined the halftime show with super star guests Travis Scott and Big Boi.

Front man Adam Levine started off the show strutting down the lit up “M” shaped stage wearing a long trench coat while holding his microphone over his shoulders like a baseball bat. 

Fireworks set off when Levine began with the band’s 2002 single, “Harder to Breathe” alongside flames lining the stage. As the flames died down, the band began “This Love” with Levine grabbing his electric guitar leading up to his solo.

Once the music and lights went down, a tribute to Spongebob creator Stephen Hillenburg, began with the one and only Spongebob star, Squidward, appearing on the screen alongside Spongebob and Patrick Star as they subtly introduced Travis Scott.

A cartoon fireball fell out of space and flew through the city of Atlanta into the Falcon’s stadium. Travis Scott began singing his hit single, “Sicko Mode.”

As Scott crowd surfed, a marching band began an intro for Maroon 5’s single, “Girls Like You” as a Gospel choir filed onto the stage as backup singers.

The lights went down and lanterns lit up as “She Will Be Loved” started.

As Levine sang, lanterns were let go into the sky and formed the words ‘ONE’ and ‘LOVE.’

When the music picked up, Atlanta native, Big Boi made an entrance in a Cadillac with a Super Bowl license plate.

Riding on top of the back seat, Big Boi began singing his Outkast song, “The Way You Move” while sporting his giant faux fur jacket that became the talk of Twitter.

Closing out the show, Levine threw his jacket to the audience and sang, “Sugar” while lit up pink balls bounced throughout the crowd.

“Moves Like Jagger” then started and the moment that went viral happened when Levine stripped off his tank top and threw it into the crowd as well!

Levine ended on a major high note and a rock themed outro with the stage bei-–ng lined with flames once again and metallic fireworks being shown off the top of the stadium.

While Maroon 5 received much criticism for not backing out due to controversial boycotts on the Colin Kaepernick situation by artists like Cardi B and Rihanna, Adam Levine stuck to his decision as did Travis Scott and Big Boi.

The band stated they support social justice issues but were not going to turn down the biggest stage in the world.