Blue Hawk Records: The Continuation of the Spring 2021 Compilation

Blue Hawk RecordsBlue Hawk Records’ 18th compilation album is getting closer to completion. A lot has been going on these last few weeks with setting up the album, including successful recording sessions on March 10, March 17 and March 24. There is one more studio session with two artists left to record.

Brian Smith, one of the artists on the compilation album, had a few things to say about his experience recording his song in the studio. “The atmosphere in the studio is everything,” he said. “You can’t produce quality music without being comfortable in the studio environment. Thanks to the support of the great studio professionals, musicians, and Blue Hawk staff, the studio vibes were immaculate and we even got the song right on the first try.”

Let’s get to know the artists more. First up is Sarah Lambert, who is taking a gap year from school this year. She says that she makes music because talking about how you feel sounds a lot less whiny when it sounds cool. One of her favorite artists is Stevie Nicks and one of her favorite albums is Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon.

The next artist is Josh Heckler, a sophomore music industry major. He said that he makes music because, “It’s all I know how to do.” His favorite artists are Harry Styles, Pearl Jam, and Sticky Fingers, and one of his favorite albums is Feel Something by Movements.

Alex Giorgi is a senior business administration student with a concentration in decision sciences. He says he makes music because, “It keeps me in tune with my emotions. I would hope my music provokes some sort of emotional response from my listeners.” His favorite artist is A$AP Rocky.

Asad Whitehead (AKA Kid Ace) is a freshman music industry major. He makes music because, “Music is one of the few things in life that have never let me down. No matter what happens it’ll always be there to make things better.” His favorite album is Nothing Was the Same by Drake.

Next, Mona Ray Cobb is a junior political science student with a minor in legal studies, but she was always interested in singing and music. During her spring semester sophomore year, Mona participated in group voice as her aesthetics requirement for school and joined to have the opportunity to sing. That is when she realized again how important singing meant to her.

Last but not least, Brian Smith. He is a junior communications student at Rutgers University. His favorite band is the Red Hot Chili Peppers and his favorite album is Pink Floyd’s The Wall.

Students Connor Rupp, Michelle Etienne, Scott Bucksbaum from Blue Hawk Records’ marketing and promotions team ran a photoshoot and took phenomenal photos of the artists a few weeks ago. “This compilation album’s photoshoot went perfectly,” Rupp said. “Thanks to a great team we made, Michelle Etienne and Scott Bucksbaum and I really put forth our creative minds and cameras. The photo team was able to successfully shoot one of the most unique sessions in Blue Hawk history. Using iconic Jersey Shore hangouts like the Inkwell in Long Branch, and the Asbury Park Boardwalk, the team truly went above and beyond to capture the vibe “18” is trying to convey.” The pictures were posted on the Blue Hawk Records’ Instagram page (@bluehawkrecordsofficial).

The team has also been coming together to work on the album cover. They have just received artwork submissions and are undergoing the process of narrowing down ideas. There were at least 18 submissions for artwork ideas. The team found that each design came out phenomenal, which is going to make the choosing process pretty difficult. The team is also working on potential new Blue Hawk merchandise that revolves around the 18th album release, with more options than just T-shirts.

Blue Hawk records have also just revamped their Spotify account, where users can listen to the artist’s playlists and past Blue Hawk albums, and is now it is an official record label Spotify account.