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Volume 84 (Fall 2012 - Spring 2013)

Scary Movie 5 Lacks Laughs

Yes, someone actually made a fifth one of these movies. Like you, I also wish they would have left them alone and stopped years ago.

Am I missing something? Was there some massive following that I was completely oblivious to that was begging for another entry? Well, apparently someone thought so, because here it is, Scary Movie 5: the desperate struggle to make one of these movies without the Wayans Brothers funny.

David Zucker is in desperate need of a paycheck, so he recruits his old team of writers to show the world that they can still make movies. What? You were expecting these parody movies to have a self-respecting plot?

I’m not bashing David Zucker. He has worked on some of the classic comedy movies from my childhood, like Airplane! and the Naked Gun movies. At one point, he had a funny bone and knew what he was doing. I’m assuming it was before he met Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, the guys who made such box office bombs like Meet the Spartans and Disaster Movie.

I’m impressed with these two. Honestly, I am. Out of the six writers for the first two Scary Movie entries, which were actually kind of funny, these two are known as being the least funny. Despite this, they are the only ones that have gone on to make other movies.

But for something that’s supposed to be a comedy, it’s fascinating when 90 percent of the jokes have the punch line of “Hey, this movie/TV show/other piece of media is currently popular.” Although, in this movie’s case, they were popular last year, and even now are considered dated.

Really, let’s take a quick look at some of the movies Scary Movie 5 is “parodying”. Such movies include Paranormal Activity, Mama, Scream 4 and The Cabin in the Woods.

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Matt Kenyon’s High Tech Art

Visionary Matt Kenyon presented “Art Now: Multimedia Art” in Hawk TV’s studio this past Tuesday as apart of the Global Understanding Convention.

While a co-founder of SWAMP (Studies of Work Atmosphere and Mass Production) with Douglas Easterly, the event focused on Kenyon’s wide range of unique work, highlighting the relationship between global corporate operations with the public, mass media and communication and the tie between life and artificial life.

One of the discussions that had the audience laughing was Kenyon’s experiment with a drive-thru at McDonalds, titled McService. Kenyon and his accomplice circled a McDonalds drive-thru 57 consecutive times, consistently ordering and paying for food, until two police cars were called by the fast food chain. “We were interested in how replacing this variable demographic with us would cause a reaction,” Kenyon explained.

Growing up in the small town of Hammond Louisiana, where Ma and Pa shops thrived, Kenyon developed a different perspective and an intrigue with the relationship between global corporations and consumers. So when a mega Wal-Mart was built on the edge of his community, it only made sense for one of his artistic endeavors to involve the global corporation.

“We had to perform the art of shopping, even though we weren’t,” he stated. Kenyon began his relationship with Wal-Mart by developing different routines to partake in.

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Thrills and Chills Abound in Dark Moon

Whoa, there is another Luigi’s Mansion game? Yup! It has been quite a while since the Gamecube launch title hit stores and won over the hearts of many gamers, myself included. Now there is a sequel on the Nintendo 3DS. Dust off your flashlight and vacuum- it is time to go ghost hunting.

The original Luigi’s Mansion was released in 2001 as a launch title for the Gamecube. It was the first Mario game with Luigi as the main character, and up until now, the only other to do this was Mario is Missing. Luigi’s Mansion was one of the first games to be re-released as a player’s choice and is the fifth best selling Gamecube game in the United States.

The plot of the game is pretty basic. Professor E. Gadd, from the first game, is working together with ghosts when the Dark Moon, the object that keeps the ghosts in check, is broken and the ghosts go on a rampage. Gadd calls Luigi in through a television to help solve the problem.

Normally, I would complain that the plot is so simple that I could sum it up in one sentence, but since it gives us the excuse to explore haunted mansions with the younger Mario brother again, I could not care less.

The graphics are very nice, especially for a portable game. Nintendo is really pushing the envelope for what the 3DS can do.

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Boom Roasted Productions Make a Splash on Campus

A quality education is about more than what you learn in the classroom. Most students know that the key to getting your money’s worth out of your time at the University, and making sure you are prepared for life in the real world, is by joining any clubs, activities and organizations that are related to your interests.

The students behind Boom Roasted Student Productions (BRSP) have been extremely successful in getting involved outside the classroom, most recently by putting on Almost, Maine, which ran at 8:00 pm last Friday and Saturday.

The group draws its name from an episode of “The Office”, during which Steve Carrell’s character has a roast of the other staff members. This became an inside joke among the members of this campus organization and grew to the point where it inspired the group’s name. As such, the audience is “boom roasted” by viewing a BRPS production.

Samantha Myers, English and secondary education major, is a member of the production group. “[My] best experience is working with everyone and being proud of the actors I directed,” she commented. “My fellow cast members are naturally talented. With bits of direction, we created an awesome play and I’m proud of all of us.”

Building off her experiences, Myers wants to continue to direct plays for whichever high school she works in after graduating.

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Algonquin Arts Theatre Offers Culture and Opportunity to Students

If you’re looking for a night of culture and art, there is Algonquin Arts Theatre in the middle of downtown Manasquan.

The Algonquin’s mission statement reads, “Our mission is to provide cultural enrichment and arts education for the Jersey Shore through high-quality performances and programs.”

Brooke McCarthy, business administration major, participates in three community theaters and does acting at the University. “Community theater is a great way for people to express their love for and talent in the arts without it necessarily being professional. The locations are key as well because not everyone can travel to the city all the time for rehearsals,” said McCarthy.

She also said, “Participating in community theaters has helped me as a person because it allowed me to step farther out of my comfort zone to audition in front of complete strangers. It gave me more experience auditioning and getting comfortable being in front of people.”

McCarthy can be seen in “Almost, Maine,” a student production at Woods Theater this weekend.

According to David Applegate, Head of Marketing for Algonquin Arts Theatre, they attempt to have seven to nine Broadway or musical-style productions each year. He also said that the reason for adding live theater was because it was a passion of Jack and Fran Drew, the owners.

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Film Festival in Pollak

Film enthusiasts, eager students and curious locals gathered in Pollak Theater for the 32 annual Black Maria Film Festival on April 4.

Chad Dell, chair of the communication department, opened the night with an Alfred Hitchcock-styled, “Good Evening.” He followed this with a brief introduction to the night’s agenda and his own take on the gathering. “I have enjoyed watching this festival for the past 17 years,” he said. “But I have more pleasure in bringing you the woman who brought it here 24 years ago.”

Donna Dolphin, professor of communication, stepped up to take the microphone and discuss the importance of the event, saying it was meant for “fiercely independent and experimental screen arts.” She went on to add, “I want you to understand, this is not an amateur festival. This is professional work. These are professional artists,” she stated. “We’ve even had work by Disney animators.”

This event celebrates independent film makers from all 50 states and Puerto Rico, granting awards for excellence in writing, directing, filming and animation. The festival had 32 movies this year, but only 10 were screened at the University’s portion of the tour.

Feral, a 13 minute animated film by Daniel Sousa, received a Juror’s Stellar Selection. It displayed the story of a young boy who grew up in the wild, but is found by a passing man from a nearby city and is brought back to civilized society.

Here and Away, a movie inspired by “Two Boys on a Country Road” by Franz Kafka, ran for 11 minutes. It was created by Meena Nanji and received a Juror’s Stellar Selection. It features two African boys going through their day, living simply but happily, in the end remarking that the wealthy but stressful lifestyle of the city dwelling folk is a foolish one.

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Senior Art Exhibit Shows Specialized Skills

In Rechnitz Hall, graduating graphic design students had their creations on display for fellow students, potential employers, and soon-to-be former mentors alike in the annual two-part senior show.

The turnout was rather large and, according to art and design professor Vincent DiMattio, the opening night turnout on the 28 rounded at a crowd of about 400.

Showcased with the assistance of man-made window and sales floor displays, frames, tables, and an assortment of shelves, seniors had a wide arrangement of projects accumulated over their years to put out.

Ranging from, but not limited to, race car designs, promotional posters spanning several fields of media, advertisements for prototyped products, to fully developed storyboards for video games and movie animations. All of the pieces set out appeared to be convincing on appearance alone in regards to the ability of the students.

Each student display contained business cards and resumes in front of their artwork; all with the individual’s personalized logo. Some students even went beyond the basics, going so far as to involve the audience in their display; Christina Mantak, for example, had a guestbook alongside her cards for visitors to sign and help document the experience.

Although some projects were of the same assignment, it was easy to see how each individual in the show tackled the task in their own unique way. Mecal Lindsey particularly had an eye-catching display, what with his kaleidoscope-like tiles, which framed all of his works, and an aesthetically pleasing color theme, which assisted in tying everything in the collection together. The standout pieces though were his intricate pieces of creatively generated logos, all of which shared the overall appeal of professionalism and high methodology.

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No Need To Be Afraid of This Album

The Flaming Lips’ New Release Excites

the-terroflaminglipsThe Terror might go down as the most aptly named album of 2013. Though not scary in the sense of a slasher movie, the latest album from psych rock veterans The Flaming Lips is a cold, chilling, and nerve-wrecking experience that will send chills down your spine. And I mean that in the best way possible.

It’s a somewhat unexpected move from the band, but then again, unexpected moves have been this band’s calling card for 27 years. Throughout their career, The Flaming Lips have pretty much done everything there is a band can do, from releasing four-disc albums that need to be played simultaneously for the full experience, to reimagining Dark Side of the Moon, to releasing a 24 hour song on a flash drive encased in a human skull (yes, you read that correctly).

But going this dark? Unheard of! One thing that has been fairly consistent for the group is their bright, creative level of imagination and fun. Many of the groups most well known songs, like the soaring anthem “Do You Realize?” carry an uplifting, triumphant vibe, and are featured in commercials quite often. The group’s most recent single, “Sun Blows Up Today,” was used in a Super Bowl commercial this year.

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"Mad Med" Makes Marvelous Return

mad-men-season-6-photo_514x360“Mad Men” returned to AMC Sunday night for its sixth season with a two-hour premiere.

Darkness loomed over the offices of Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Pryce as the advertising agency moved into the year of 1968. Even as the firm itself is flourishing and late 1960s social change is growing through cultural cracks, a sense of morbid anxiety permeates throughout.

This doom and gloom is especially apparent with the show’s perennial cad, Don Draper (Jon Hamm), who is back to his womanizing antics after a season of fidelity following his marriage to the lively, young actress Megan (Jessica Paré).

The opening shot of Draper shows the adman laid out in what looks like a Hawaiian paradise, however, soon the words of Dante’s “Inferno” are heard and Don is diving into the book as a “heavy” beach read. Could Don, on a vacation in paradise, really be entering the gates of hell ready to confront his past demons?

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University Musicians Form an Alliance

music-allianceMaybe you’ve heard about The Music Alliance (TMA). They’ve been giving out free CDs in the Dining Hall, and they’ve been putting on concerts at Brighton Bar. The Music Alliance is a new club designed to give students who want to work in the music industry some experience.

Co-founder Andrew Boxman described The Music Alliance: “We had an idea to unite the members of the music industry program at Monmouth by creating a club where we could promote all of our music while gaining the experience of actually working in the music industry...Whether as a musical artist, solo or in a band, or someone who wants to work behind the scenes, TMA allows individuals to follow their dreams of playing music for a living while gaining career building, team building experience,” Boxman said.

Boxman, a sophomore, raps as a part of Joe and Box with Joe Urso, and co-founder Steve Curtis raps under the name Slick Chops. That doesn’t mean anything about the acts with The Music Alliance. Their promotional album contains rock, folk, pop and rap. They welcome all genres of music, and they regularly have jam sessions on Fridays.

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Doctor Who Rings in Spring with “The Bells of Saint John”

drwhoThe “Doctor Who” 50th Anniversary season is finally here. The time-traveling alien time-lord is back for more action-packed fun and adventure in an epic blockbuster season.

If you are not a Whovian yet, this is definitely the season to become one according to the show’s lead writer, Steven Moffat. “Doctor Who” is the perfect show for anyone who loves adventure, crazy plotlines, some science fiction, and most importantly, time travel. While the season is mid way started, it’s not too late to catch up and join the fandom that continues to grow and captivate many.

While the one question the universe constantly asks continues to float around (“Doctor who?”), we are now confronted with a new mystery: who is Clara Oswald? The newest companion (Jenna Louise Coleman) of the Doctor’s (Matt Smith) is unlike any we have had in quite some time.

After her first appearance in the season premiere, “Asylum of the Daleks,” and her return in the Victorian Era in the Christmas special, “Attack of the Snowmen,” the newest sidekick has everyone on the edge of their seats and scratching their heads along with the Doctor.

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