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Angels in America Soars in Sweeping New Revival

Angels in America 1The following review contains spoilers for Tony Kushner’s Angels in America.

To see Tony Kushner’s Angels in America is to do more than just see a play. The average Broadway show clocks in between two hours and two and a half hours, with one fifteen-minute intermission. Shows such as Les Miserables - which are closer to the three-hour mark - are considered behemoths; long-running plays such as Shakespeare’s works are often cut down by a scene or two. 

Angels in America is told in nine acts over the course of two parts, subtitled Millennium Approaches and Perestroika. It more than doubles the run time of long shows like The Iceman Cometh and Shakespeare’s Hamlet - by the time all is said and done, the run time is almost eight hours. 

In the hands of a lesser cast, sitting through such a long production could be a chore. Heavy, complex monologues make up the majority of the script, and Kushner’s prose is daunting at best.

The main action takes place in 1980s New York - though there are brief forays to Soviet Russia, Salt Lake City, and heaven itself - at the beginning of the AIDS epidemic; the illness affects every character as they struggle with their problems and try to cobble a life together in the face of great change. 

However, in a cast of stars - largely the same cast from the acclaimed production at the National Theatre in London in the spring of 2017 - the play becomes intensely engaging and impossible to look away from.

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It's That Time of Year Again...Countdown 'Til Spring Fest


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Student Activities Board Presents...The Coffee House Concert Series: Dylan Brady Live in Hesse Hall

SAB Dylan Brady 1What’s the only thing better than good music, great company, and a cup of coffee?

If all of those things were happening in one spot on campus. Oh wait…You’re in luck, because they are!

Student Activities Board (SAB) is hosting up and coming country artist Dylan Brady in Hesse Hall lounge on Thursday, March 29 from 7:30 p.m. until 9 p.m.

The performance is free and all students are encouraged to stop by and enjoy!

According to the artist’s website,, he is an aspiring American Country-Pop star.

“Hailing from New York, Dylan transplanted to Nashville, Tennessee, where he has seen success opening for artists like Zac Brown Band and sharing the stage with Rascal Flatt’s Joe Don Rooney. Dylan’s music crosses genres in a unique way, combining country melodies and lyrics with pop style production and EDM breakdowns.”

A young talent like Dylan is someone you certainly do not want to pass by.

The live concert is part of the “Coffee House Series” which provides a more intimate setting with an acoustic concert.

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The Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story

Hedy Lamarr StoryOn your way to class, it’s bound to have happened a few times. You’re just walking and minding your own business, then suddenly it’s like lightning strikes.

The most beautiful person you’ve seen is walking to your left and he or she makes your heart skip a beat. If you stare at the person for too long, you might bump into someone in front of you so it’s best to keep your cool.

After that split second when your world froze, you spend the rest of your day thinking about him or her. You don’t think about the individual’s personal life or how many hours they spend binge watching Seinfeld.

It’s the person’s looks you’ll never forget and hope to see again.

The same could be said about Hedy Lamarr, a famous actress throughout the 1930s and 50s. Lamarr was a fine actress, but mostly known for her gorgeous looks.

The actress stole the hearts of the world with her perfect bone structure, dark brown hair parted to the sides exposing her forehead, tantalizing blue eyes, firm lips and a slim figure.

But behind these dazzling features was a brilliant woman who hid her best quality: intelligence.

Director Alexandra Dean’s documentary wonderfully tells the timely story of Lamarr that’s been ignored by Hollywood for years through intimate interviews with the actress’ children, celebrities, film historians and biographers.

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Thoroughbreds is Thoroughly Captivating

ThoroughbredsImagine four white brick walls, a twin size bed five feet away from another person’s, a desk, three drawer dresser, and a fan ripping through a 14’ by 11’ foot non-air-conditioned room in the blistering heat. Thousands of people on cam-pus live in dorms at Monmouth, but many call it home.

When students leave Monmouth, they drive out of the shimmering gold gates onto Norwood Avenue, where gargantuan homes tower over the Mercedes and Range Rovers that cruise down the road. Inside those homes you can only imagine the spiral staircases that encompass the spacious foyers, state of the art kitchens, bathrooms with whirlpool tubs and multiple bedrooms with king size beds, even for the kids.

You dream about those homes while you sweat in your twin size bed during the first hot weeks of September. However, inside one of those mansions there’s Lilly, who dreams about murdering her step-father.

Two upper class girls, Lilly, played by Anya Taylor Joy, and Amanda, played by Olivia Cooke, rekindle an unlikely friendship. To solve both of their problems, they devise a plan to murder Lilly’s stepfather.

The directorial debut of Cory Finley is a dark comedy with gorgeous visuals, a ferocious soundtrack and some strong per-formances, but the characters could be developed better.

Finley initially wrote Thoroughbreds as a play, but it surprisingly gained the backing of theater studios and the next thing you know, he was on set for the first time working with two of Hollywood’s rising stars: Anya Taylor Joy and Olivia Cooke. Although this is Finley’s first film, you’d never know it.

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A War of Words in The Insult

The InsultIt happened decades ago, but the wounds are still fresh. Hundreds of thousands were killed while thousands still remain refugees this day. The blood that was shed from the Lebanese Civil War isn’t forgotten, especially to Tony Hanna and Yasser Salameh.

Tony Hanna, played by Adel Karam, is a Lebanese Christian and Yasser Salameh, played by Kamel El Basha, is a Palestinian refugee.

When Hanna’s drain pipe is broken, Salameh attempts to fix it under state law free of charge. However, Hanna refuses the help of Salameh, which causes an emotional exchange between the two that spills into court and captivates the country through a court case.

If you’re unfamiliar with the history of the Lebanese Civil War, director Ziad Doueiri makes it clear that the Christian Lebanese and Palestinians are two sides with a tumultuous past. When you walk away from this film, you surprisingly gain some knowledge about Lebannon’s history.

Prior to seeing The Insult, it might help to read a little bit into the history of the Lebanese Civil War so you can have better understanding of the political jargon.

The Oscar nominated the film for Best Foreign Language Film from Lebanon is an emotional rollercoaster that puts the use of our words into perspective.

If I were to tell this plot to anyone, it would come off like Neighbors 3 starring Zac Efron and Seth Rogen.

Salameh fixes an illegal drain pipe for free, but Hanna destroys it and refuses to accept his apology. We’ve seen plots like this before turn into a wacky spat between two goofy people.

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Now, We Ain’t Saying These Celebrities are Gold Diggers...

(But You Won’t Believe These Celeb Prenup Conditions)

Celebrity Gold DiggersWhen you fall in love, it feels like the world is on your side. The trees are blossoming, the sun is always shining and the grass seems much greener than before.

When your heart still skips a beat after seeing your significant other after some time, you feel like spending the rest of your life with that person.

It seems as if the end isn’t in sight.

Then before you tie the knot, you meet with a few lawyers and sign a prenuptial agreement (prenup) just in case your feelings change over the eternity together.

According to the Harvard Gazette, about 50 percent of married couples divorce in America.

Of those marrying couples, only five to ten percent sign prenups.

Although celebrities love each other enough to take the plunge, some are aware that the statistics are not in their favor.

Considering this, there are plenty of celebrities who sign prenups just in case their love doesn’t have a Hollywood ending.

While it’s logical for celebrities to think ahead, some prenups will make you hold your money a little tighter.

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MTV’s Jersey Shore is Back For a Reunion Season

MTV Jersey Shore Reunion Season 1You either love them or love to hate them.

Yeahhh, Buddy!

The Guidos and Guidettes are back...But are they  better than ever?

MTV’s Jersey Shore cast Snooki, J-Woww, Ronnie, Deena, Vinnie, Pauly D, and Long Branch’s very own, Mike the “Situation” have more-or-less blessed us with a reunion season after six years away from the small screen.

The title of the spin-off is Jersey Shore: Family Reunion and takes place in South Beach, Miami.

It is scheduled to air Thursday April 5 on MTV.

The pilot season aired in 2009 and left most Jersey-natives embarrassed or confused.

The Italian-stallions stampeded south-bound and settled in Seaside Heights, our beloved beach town by day and a captivating boardwalk scene by night.

But since the very first episode in 2009, Seaside Heights went from a family emblem of good times and tanlines to   the ultimate party scene and tourist destination.

The locals already had it with the “bennies,” but this new crowd the cast attracted to the Shore came in full speed ahead armed with spray tans, hair gel, and flasks.

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Oscars 2018: Picks and Predictions

Oscars 2018 1This Sunday, the biggest stars in Hollywood will come together under one roof to celebrate some of the greatest films in the past year.

There’s a competitive field stacked with talent, including The Shape of Water with 13 nominations and Dunkirk at 7.

But which films will take home the coveted gold statue?

My predictions are who I think will win the Oscar and my picks are the ones I would like to see win.

Best Picture:

Call Me by Your Name

Darkest Hour


Get Out

Lady Bird

Phantom Thread

The Post

The Shape of Water

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Prediction: Three Billboards

Pick: Lady Bird

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Monmouth's World Cinema Series Presents: The Reluctant Fundamentalist

default article imageOn Thursday, Feb. 22 in Pollak Theater, students, faculty and members of the Monmouth community gathered for a screening of The Reluctant Fundamentalist as part of the World Cinema Series hosted by Thomas Pearson Ph.D., a professor of History and Anthropology.

The focus of this year’s World Cinema Series is on the roots, ethics and impact of global capitalism, which the film checked all the boxes for.

From Lahore, Pakistan to the United States, Changez Khan, played by Riz Ahmed, is chasing the American dream by working with a consulting firm on Wall Street.

However, with a culmination of events including 9/11 and a hostage crisis, Khan’s dream is put on hold.

Khan’s difficult journey tackles important issues such as corporations’ little care for employees, nationalism and prejudice, but with so much stuff happening it’s difficult to feel the weight of the messages.

The consulting firm Khan works for sends their employees to different companies to assess how they can better maximize company or shareholder wealth.

If you work at a company and see Khan walk through workplace, you may have to look at the classifieds during your lunch break.

Although Khan is helping companies gain profits by suggesting different approaches to conducting their business, it comes at the price of people losing their jobs.

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The World Only Spins Forward Book Review

World Only Spins ForwardThe World Only Spins Forward: The Ascent of Angels in America was released on Feb. 13,  and is just as sprawling and emotional as the play it focuses on. 

Described as an ‘oral history’ of Angels in America, which will be opening on Broadway on March 25 after transferring from the National Theatre in London, it tells the story of the show’s inspiration, creation, and production, as well as describing the societal, historical, and cultural contexts at the time of the show’s creation and following productions. 

Co-authored by Isaac Butler and Dan Kois, the book includes stories from playwright Tony Kushner, members of various productions – including the upcoming Broadway production, the original production, and several different versions in between.

Arranged chronologically, it shows how a play can be in flux and constantly be being changed, even though it was first produced 25 years ago. 

Described as “a play that redefined what theatre could be” by the Washington Post, Angels in America tells the story of six characters, including President Donald Trump’s former mentor Roy Cohn, during the AIDS epidemic. Throughout The World Only Spins Forward, different actors describe their take on and portrayal of the characters, explaining why they chose to interpret the roles in certain ways.

Also included is commentary from reviewers and journalists who covered the AIDS epidemic, remarking on the evolution and importance of the play.

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