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How to Get the Most Out of Your Fall Break

Fall BreakAs the semester begins to feel hectic, with everything seemingly being due at the same time, we naturally begin to countdown the days until fall break. We will have no classes Oct. 15 and 16, giving us all some time to destress.

This four-day weekend is a great opportunity to have a mini vacation. With cities like Philadelphia and New York close by, a couple days of adventure is in reach. If you’re willing to extend the duration of your road-trip a little bit, Washington D.C. is about four hours away.

Sara Sikora, a senior communication student, said, “I’m spending my fall break in Washington D.C. On Saturday, I am going to the Maryland vs. Rutgers football game, and the rest of the break, I plan on exploring the nightlife in D.C.”

If you would rather just stay local, there is plenty to see near campus. Sometimes we become so overwhelmed with school and our extracurriculars, that we forget to appreciate all the cool sights that we have in our area. “A great local spot for a day trip is Pier Village. They have plenty of great shops and restaurants to try, and you’re right by the beach,” Sikora said.

If you don’t want to make any plans, you can still have a great fall break. Relaxation is key during fall break, and if a trip feels like too much stress, then it may not be the best option for you.

Nicole Notar, a senior communication student, said, “I don’t have any big plans for fall break, but I think everyone should just enjoy some free-time post midterms. A nice way to relax would be to have a spa day at Ocean Resort and Spa in Long Branch.”

Many teachers have their midterm exams and papers due before the break. In this case, you can use the break to let your mind recover from cramming for exams.

However, there are still some midterms that will be happening when we return from the break. Unfortunately, this means that some of us may be spending our break studying.

But again, don’t stress. The break means that you can put your full focus on studying and assignments. Without the regular hustle of having to get to class, you will have a clearer mind to absorb all of your course material.

Also, the studying shouldn’t take up your entire break; allow yourself breaks in between, so that you do not find yourself sliding down the slippery slope of midterm stress.

Courtney Werner, Ph.D., assistant professor of English, provided some studying advice. “Study a little bit every day. Over fall break, review notes on the things you really understand the least, and be prepared to ask about them in class or during office hours after break so you clear up any confusion well before your exams,” she said.

If you’re nervous about writing a paper away from the comfort of Monmouth’s Writing Services, there are also resources available for you to access online. “Our Writing Services website actually has a lot of amazing handouts and information that students can access off-campus. Their handouts on MLA/APA and grammar usage are particularly helpful and can guide students looking to edit and proofread their papers,” Werner continued.

Amanda Connelly, Interim Director of Writing Services, added, “On this site, we keep all of our resources about grammar, the writing process, and different documentation styles. If students need any additional help with grammar skills, we also have Prezi presentations created and narrated by Writing Assistants.”

Your use of these resources does not need to be limited to times when you’re away from campus. On an average school day, you may find your schedule to be too overwhelming to go to Writing Services in person.

The website is always available for you to become a better writer. “All of these resources allow students to work on strengthening skills in their free time and at their own speed,” Connelly said.

This fall break, if you have assignments to get done, do them in a timely manner. That way, you will feel productive and you can still allow yourself to have some fun too. Regroup during these days and catch up on anything that you may have been procrastinating on.

Fall break can be spent many ways: take a trip, treat yo’ self to a spa day, do some studying, or just stay home and catch up on some sleep. Do whatever is right for you, but just make sure that you get the most out of it.

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