A Guide to Spring Fashion Trends

Spring Fashion Trends 2019Flowers are blooming and the smell of spring is in the air. No more bulky jackets, warm clothes, and dreary outfits. Spring fashion is coming, filled with color, bright patterns, and excitement.

Spring is the transitional season from cold to hot. It is an in-between season and fashion is in-between bundling up and stripping down. Basics from both the winter and summer seasons are represented including denim, jackets, and sneakers.

Denim, a basic in all of our closets, makes a huge play in our spring wardrobe. From jackets to pants, denim can be utilized in all aspects of an outfit.

Jeans are for all seasons, but in the spring, they come out in lighter washes or in bright and pastel colors.

Denim skirts are perfect to dress up a casual spring outfit, pairing them with a t-shirt or a cute top. Denim shorts are a casual go-to on those really warm spring days that have a summer vibe.

Jean jackets and sneakers are very popular with the Monmouth student body. Kayla Cherry, a junior communication student, said, “This time of year, when spring comes around, almost everyone brings out their denim jackets and white sneakers.”

The denim jacket is a basic lightweight go-to jacket for the spring. White sneakers make a huge appearance in spring ensembles because they lighten any outfit.

Spring not only calls for denim jackets, but also other lightweight jackets, such as leather and bomber jackets. Jackets are a practical and cute way to elevate a spring outfit.

Raincoats are also a must for spring when often there is more rain than sun. But raincoats do not have to be boring, instead of buying one in black, pick a colorful one to add a pop to those dreary days.

Stephany Ayoubi from Stephany’s Solutions, a Lifestyle Nutritionist and Wellness influencer based in Monmouth County, said, “Within the Monmouth community, you are bound to see at least one student walking to class, wearing the 2018 Sherpa trend! It’s the coziest material to wear until the temperatures begin to rise. Sherpa is also an animal-friendly layer for our vegan and faux fur advocates.”

The bear coat/Sherpa trend will see no end this spring season; girls will continue to wear them for as long as they can.

Patterns are also a staple for spring fashion. The spring is filled with happy vibes and patterns embody this. Floral patterns are a spring favorite– it represents the blooming of nature during this season.

Cheetah, snakeskin, and camo are also new prints that are trending and will continue to be popular in the spring.

Daniela Sablon, a junior elementary education and English with a special education endorsement student, said, “My favorite spring trend has to be the different prints that are emerging, especially on bottoms like shorts, pants, and skirts. They can easily be styled with a simple solid colored top or bodysuit and upgrade or transform an outfit.”

With patterns and prints, it is best to not overdo it. Match patterned items or sets with solid colors.

A colorful wardrobe is a spring must-have. Winter is a cold and dark season and our wardrobes reflect that.

“Spring is an opportunity to bring back fun colors into your everyday wardrobe. I wear a lot of black and gray pieces during the winter, so monochrome pastel colors are a subtle palette that I like to incorporate in the spring to brighten up my looks,” Ayoubi said.

The transition from winter to spring calls for swapping out our all-black outfits for brighter ones. Springs colors range from pastels to neon.

Neon has been a popular trend since the fall season, partly  due to Kim Kardashian, and it graced many runways during the spring/summer Fashion Week. 

Fanny packs are a trend from the 80s coming back to haunt us, or is it? The fanny pack is no longer restricted to the waist. Models and influencers are creating the trend of wearing a fanny pack as a crossbody, giving this tourism faux pas a classier image.

The fanny pack has been back on the main page of fashion for some time and seems to be holding its stance, as of now. Therefore, the fanny pack will continue into spring fashion ensembles and maybe with its newfound edge, it’ll find a more sophisticated name.

Spring is coming into full bloom and along with it, so is fashion. So, pull out your best prints, your boldest colors, and your cutest jackets and walk into spring like you’re on the runway.

PHOTO TAKEN by Jenna Puglisi