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Students Studying Abroad

Students Abroad 1Monmouth University offers six study abroad programs in six different countries- Argentina, Australia, England, Germany, Italy, and Spain. Studying abroad is a wonderful experience for students to travel and learn about different cultures.

The Italy summer program is one of the most popular programs Monmouth offers. The university partners with schools across the world to offer these remarkable programs to its students. For Italy, Monmouth partners with Lorenzo de’ Medici, an international student institution located throughout the city of Florence.

Mirta Barrea-Marlys, Associate Professor and Chair of the World Languages and Cultures department, plays an integral part in helping Monmouth students adjust while abroad.

She said, “I go to Florence with the students for the first 10 days of their stay. MU has its own orientation, which I worked on with MyKellan Maloney, the Associate VP of Global Education, in order to incorporate workshops and excursions that focus on Italian culture, language, and knowledge of the magical city and beyond.” Barrea-Marlys also assists with the Italian Language Placement exam and advising while she is in Italy.

Barrea-Marlys is the perfect person to advise students while they are abroad, because she also had the experience of studying abroad while in college and is fluent in many languages. She has studied in many cities in Italy including Florence,  Urbino, and Perugia, well as in Madrid, Spain. She studied Italian language, linguistics, and literature.

While Spain is only offered as a six-week program in the summer, Argentina, Australia, England, and Germany are offered in both the fall and spring semesters. Italy is offered as a four-week program in the summer and for the fall semester.

Each program varies with the number of credits required or specific class requirements. For the Italy summer program, students are required to take six credits—two classes—that meet Monday through Thursday for three hours each. This leaves students an extended weekend for traveling to other cities and countries. The  mini-vacations on the weekends allow students to experience the many different cultures and cities.

Hunter Goldberg, a junior graphic design student, said, “I traveled all four weekends I was in Italy. I visited numerous places within Italy including the Amalfi Coast, Cinque Terre, Venice, Rome, and much more. I also visited Croatia one weekend and got to go on eight different zip lines.”

Sam Aydukovic, a senior studying psychology and business management who is also a Lead Global Education Mentor, studied abroad in Sydney, Australia in the fall of 2017.

He said, “It was absolutely, without a doubt, the best time of my life so far. I’m sure I did more in those five and a half months than I have in my entire life combined…having volunteered with the global education office after my time abroad, I became familiar with the other study abroad programs as well. I came to find that not only was my program full and accessible, but the other programs are as well.”

Students Abroad 2

Studying abroad is not only a fun adventure for students but also an amazing learning experience. It immerses students in a culture completely different from their own and opens their eyes to diverse lifestyles. It thrusts students into an independent lifestyle, since they find themselves alone in a new country.

Being away from familiarity helps students adapt to a new environment, increase their cross-cultural awareness, and interact more efficiently with those who have different perspectives and backgrounds.

The responsibility students learn abroad by adjusting to a new school and culture boosts self-confidence. When students successfully adjust to their new, overwhelming environment, they discover that they can thrive in any new situation in the future.

This newfound self-confidence can help in future academic endeavors and while adjusting to new job environments. Their rich global experience also provides more opportunities within one’s career having study abroad experience depicted on a resume impresses employers because it represents your skills of adaptability and open-mindedness.

Barrea-Marlys said, “There is nothing more life-changing and eye-opening than studying and living in another country. Students become more culturally and linguistically competent by understanding differences in lifestyles and customs. They also learn to communicate in a language other than English, which opens a whole new world, even if speaking at the most basic level. At the same time, students gain a greater appreciation of their home, family, and customs in the USA.”

Aydukovic said, “We (The Global Education Office) offer great programs at great institutions and our students make great memories. I would highly, highly recommend studying abroad if possible. Your world view will be changed forever.”

PHOTO TAKEN by Lauren Salois

PHOTO TAKEN by Lauren Salois

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