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And Then There Were Ten

Rapunzel Becomes Tenth Official Disney Princess

There Were TenShe came running and racing and dancing and chasing and leaping, heart pounding, hair flying and splashing and reeling and finally feeling that now is when her life begins. And between escaping her tower, befriending ruffians and thugs, discovering she is the lost princess, and finding true love, life for Rapunzel and her 70 feet of healing, magical hair, has indeed begun. Only begun, in fact.

Last weekend at Kensington Palace in London, in the presence of the nine other Disney princesses and thousands of Disney fans from all over the world, Rapunzel was crowned as the tenth official Disney princess and was welcomed into the Princess Hall of Fame.

“I actually thought Rapunzel was one of the more interesting Disney princesses,” said Brandon Hayes, junior. “Her story was about her liberation from her ignorance about the outside world. She wasn’t helpless either. She was pretty well rounded, knowledge-wise. She was objective and always asked questions.”

Snow White, Walt Disney’s first royal creation, led a procession of horse drawn carriages to the palace followed by her fellow princesses in chronological order with Tangled’s quirky, hair glowing star bringing up the rear. Upon arrival, the royals lined up on the stairs of the palace and were joined by young girls all dressed as their favorite princesses.

The crowning ceremony began with Cinderella’s fairy godmother introducing each of the princesses: Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan, and Tiana. But before the belle of the ball could be brought out, a certain someone was due introduction.

“Rapunzel is on her way. But before she arrives, we need her prince!” the fairy godmother cried. “Ladies and gentlemen, princes and princesses, I present to you and please welcome, Flynn Rider!”

The dashing thief snuck his way to the stage through the crowd, winks and waves handy to his adoring young admirers until his princess was announced.

Rapunzel bounded through the white curtain in a long purple cloak, her 70 feet of gold hair bound and braided with flowers. While the Tangled’s signature song “I See the Light” played in the background, Flynn Rider produced the tiara of the lost princess from his satchel and crowned Rapunzel as Disney’s tenth princess.

After many near romantic kisses between Rider and the newly crowned royalty throughout the duration of the song, Rider left the stage with a kiss to Rapunzel’s cheek. The fairy godmother then had the audience stand up and curtsey to Disney’s newest princess, thus concluding the ceremony.

“If you look at the princesses from each era you can really see society’s view on gender roles and views for young girls,” said Ashley Szarek, junior.

“She’s a good role model for little kids,” said Olivia Rosiello, junior.

Rapunzel was well known for her resilience, her charisma, and her determination throughout Disney’s 50th animated feature. The character, who had been kidnapped by a vain, evil witch for the magical healing powers of her hair, is seen as an intelligent, trusting young woman who works her way to getting what she wants and deserves.

“When I was younger, I loved The Little Mermaid,” said Kyle San Andres, junior. “But 10 princesses. Eleven will be coming up around some point.”

In the spring, a short film on the marriage of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider will be broadcasted on the Disney channel.


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