A New Tune For MU

This semester the music depart­ment welcomes Professor Iris Perry, an adjunct professor of Music Appre­ciation (MU 101). While new to the University, she is not new to the area.

“I grew up in Holmdel, not far from Monmouth University and my parents still live in Holmdel,” said Perry. “My father taught some busi­ness courses at Monmouth Universi­ty back when it was Monmouth Col­lege. I love this campus and if I have time on my way to teach or on my way back home to Northern NJ, I stop and visit my parents.” She add­ed that the students at the University are a pleasure to teach as well.

Her experience in only a few weeks here has shown her the friendly atmosphere of the school and that the class has students from all different majors. “Since I am teaching Music Appreciation here, my goal for my students is that they gain a stronger sense of familiarity and greater interest in music than they had before they took my class, particularly with the type of music that is covered in my class,” said Perry.

Topics covered include music from the 20th century as well as chants from the Middle Ages to give students an idea of various ways of singing and different tones in the piece.

She said, “It is important to always have a clear lesson plan before going into class but to allow for flexibility. The more interactive the class is, the better. Humor is also helpful in keeping the students awake, happy and entertained.”

Prior to coming to the University, Perry has had the opportunity to travel and perform at piano concerts across the U.S. and Europe.

“I am an accomplished piano per­former, music educator and admin­istrator,” said Perry.

“I have a DM (Doctor of Music) from Indiana University and MM (Master of Music) from Yale Uni­versity and a BM (Bachelor of Mu­sic) from Peabody Conservatory, which is in Johns Hopkins Univer­sity. My major was piano perfor­mance for all three degrees. I have performed throughout Europe and the U.S,” she added.

This took a significant amount of dedication and commitment, but it is the end results that are the most important to Perry: inspiring a stu­dent’s interest in the field of music and providing a greater sense of ap­preciation for the fact that music is indeed a form of art.

In addition to teaching here at the University, Perry also teaches at William Paterson University where she is the director of music admis­sions. “I have taught at Montclair State, Yale and Indiana Universities and at Bergen Community College,” she said.

Perry is welcomed at the Univer­sity this semester. Students in need of a general education aesthetics class are encouraged to take Music Appreciation to increase their un­derstanding of the subject matter. No prior experience is necessary.

IMAGE TAKEN from irisperry.weebly.com