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Transfer Services Makes Monmouth Home to New Students

Attending a new school can be a nerve wracking situation for many. It is a new surrounding with new people, new schedules and new experiences to adjust to. For transfer students at institutions all over, this is a commonly shared feeling of anxiety.

At the University, the transfer process is made easier on students, and it is all due to the  people at the core of Undeclared-Transfer Services. Located in the Center for Student Success, they work daily in order to ease this transition. After all, most students would not ever know where to begin when it comes to transferring in credits or even making their academic schedule.

Comprised of Dean Mercy Azeke, Assistant Dean Jean Judge, Student Development Counselors Lori Lichter and Jean-Marie Delao, Coordinator of Undeclared Majors and Transfer Program Sherry McHeffy and Assistant to the Dean Karen Wallendeal, Transfer Services does its part to assist transfer and undeclared students. Each weekday, they can be found smiling and opening their doors to new students.

Sophomores are able to be advised as “undeclared” students in this department up until they have reached 58 credits. Upon this completion of credits, then it is time to choose a major. Deciding on which major is a best fit can be difficult, but Azeke and her team strive to help this decision flow nicely and help to understand every individual’s passions, which make for another milestone in academics.

New transfer students are in luck as well. The counselors assist with setting up appointments with a student’s department advisor, evaluate credit transfers, aid with transitional concerns and are also available during each Fall and Spring Transfer Orientation. To top it all off, Delao is the advisor for the Transfer Student Connection Club, which helps students not only to make friends, but to ask questions pertaining to transitioning at the University and more. Meetings are currently held every other Wednesday, in Edison 113 and are open to everybody, whether students have transferred here from a former institution or not.

“Undeclared-Transfer Services has become a home away from home for me. Whether it is for academics or just someone to talk to after a bad day,” said junior business administration major Lauren DeSantis.

Aimee Parks, Assistant Director of Human Resources for Student Employment, said, “I have worked with Jean Judge since 2000. She was even the acting Dean of my area before. She is a walking handbook and it is my understanding that she has helped developed the transfer standards for the state of NJ. She and Jean-Marie go to great lengths to help students.  They both are wonderful people who have great follow-through.”

It is not a far-fetched notion to think that the professionals at a school can really become your comrades. Bonds can be sown and it is another ingredient that helps and reassures students that everything will be great during their college career. Undeclared and Transfer Services gets to know individuals and dig deeper into what they want not only out of academics, but out of a career. They aren’t just your counselors or Deans; they’re also your fans. It can be a relief to know that there are people ready to ease any anxiety away, especially for many students who are undeclared, transferring or both.

“I am glad that the Transfer Services offers as much as they do and are willing to help with anything, and so glad for the Transfer Student Connection, which has made a difficult mid-year transfer practically seamless with making friends and having questions about anything and everything. It is also a great way to get involved with Monmouth. Everyone in the department is always willing to help,” said Kelly Dender, a junior.

This department works hard constantly for the students and the students are grateful. Transitioning can be a process that is not always clear and easy, but rest assured that there is a place for this and then some. Undeclared-Transfer Services is here for support, structure and to stay.


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