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Volume 86 (Fall 2014 - Spring 2015)

Step Aside Susan Sarandon, Here Comes Franny Kieffer!

rockyhorrorAt the late night, double feature picture show, there is girl who shines brighter than the sequined costumes worn by her cast mates and that girl is Franny Kieffer.

In May of 2014, Kieffer joined the cast of Friday Nite Special’s Rocky Horror Picture Show production in Aberdeen, NJ and hasn’t looked back since. Kieffer was inspired to join the cast of the show not only because she found the cast to be a group of warm and accepting people, but because Kieffer has a knack for performing herself.

“In high school I was super involved with the marching band,” said Kieffer, “and I missed performing so much I thought I’d give Rocky a chance.”

A week after her audition on May 18, 2014, Kieffer went straight into preparing for her role. Kieffer auditioned for the role of Janet, the female lead, but she had a long way to go before actually hitting the stage as the leading lady.

Before performing the role of Janet, Kieffer was trained by a fellow cast mate who takes on the role as well; as the cast switches up the parts they play every week, to learn the staging for the songs. As far as learning lines from the movie, it was up to Kieffer to spend her own time studying every line and song of every single character.

On the night of Kieffer’s first show, her debut performance was portrayed as a Transylvanian, or “Transy” as the cast refers to this group of people. The Transies are party goers in the movie that are crucial to one of the most famous scenes in the movie, which is when they do the Time Warp. However, while Kieffer was performing as Time Warping Transy, she had to study the girl playing Janet that evening as well. Despite the rehearsal time Kieffer received, she still needed to observe the girl so she would be prepared when it was her turn to be Janet.

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The Evolution of Friendship

friendsplayingDuring this decade we often get caught up in our love lives and relationship status. Your love life is, of course, something to be conscious of (especially when grandma keeps asking if you have a boyfriend yet,) but there are other relationships just as important in our lives: our friendships.

When thinking about those people who I cherish and call my good friends at this point in my life, I can’t help but think about all of the friendships in my life that have either been tested, broken or (best of all) have lasted to this day.

Growing up, I’m sure most of us were told, “if you find one best friend in this life, consider yourself lucky.” When I was younger, this piece of advice was kind of a bummer to me. Out of all the people I encounter and befriend in my life, ONE best friend is lucky? This sounded a little crazy to me. However, my twelve-year-old self didn’t realize how people change. Friendships don’t always last and it’s truly difficult to find someone who you consider your friend-mate, what I call a soul mate version of a best friend.

I’ve never been one to have a huge group of friends. Okay, correction: I’ve never been one to have a huge group of friends who are all friends with each other. This meaning, I always had groups of friends from the different aspects of my life. I had my dance studio friends, my work friends, my school friends and my childhood friends. As normal as this sounds, having these different social groups in high school was kind of taboo. I went to a small Catholic private high school and man was it clique-y, as most high schools are.

Halfway through freshman year people find their set of friends and latch on. A lot of my eighth grade class went to the same high school so I didn’t feel alone entering high school, as I knew about 40 other people right from the start. Looking back, this was a good and a bad thing. I had a few friends who I considered my “BFFL;” remember those days when everyone was your besty and you would be friends for life? HA. I felt security knowing I would go through high school with my bffl. Think again young Fabiana.

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When Hitting Your Alarm Clock Becomes Problematic

studentslateWhen students come to college, they leave a world of 6 am alarms and sleepy rides on dirty busses behind them. Now, they have the power to control when they wake up for class, if they decide to attend that day. 

For many students, it isn’t possible to hide from the inevitable 8:30 am class. Students also have the choice to go to classes at the prime 2:30 pm spot, or even take classes that stretch from 7-10 pm once a week. With all these options, plus the sleep deprivation and mounting stress students face, it isn’t easy to pinpoint which time students are more likely to be late, but the majority of students feel that the morning classes are the culprit. 

With clubs, sports, work, Greek organizations, community service, textbook readings, group projects, going to the gym, doing laundry, and occasionally eating and sleeping, a college student’s schedule is packed. Each class comes with high stakes of expectations and assignments. For classes that apply to one’s major, skipping or tardiness arent as common. 

Students understand that these classes are instrumental to their lives post-college. But for that Intro to Geology course on Friday morning… skipping doesn’t seem like a big deal. Sometimes, I will give myself a pep talk into skipping a class like this. I’ll tell myself, “Hey, you deserve this. Go back to sleep.” But then, when I roll into Edison the next week and realize I didn’t learn about the bone structure of dinosaurs, I’ll regret those two extra hours of slumber. Skipping class offers students a way to control their daily lives more so than in high school, and the precipice of whether to skip or not, to show up half an hour late or not, is steep.

One of the reasons students skip or come late is because the consequences aren’t as dire as in high school. The Vice Principal isn’t going to call your mom at work or leave a message on the home phone. No one has to know you stayed in to catch up on “Grey’s Anatomy!” The consequences, of course, come down the line, when you aren’t prepared for the pop quiz during the next class. 

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Is There Room for Love in the Life of a College Student?

coupleIn the life of a college student, much of his or her time is spent studying, relaxing with friends, or working. This may seem to leave little time for a committed relationship, but some couples make it work. 

Others, however, seem to believe they can’t be bothered with something serious, and prefer not to get involved with others romantically. It can even be said that students might be scared to fall in love, due to the potential havoc it could wreak on their social lives. Or even the question of is falling in love even worth the trouble when devastating heartbreak is always a possibility? As always, the only way to get an answer is to ask the students themselves.

“I really don’t think you need a relationship in college,” said Katie Pedernera, a freshman. “You should be more focused on yourself. Relationships can happen; you just shouldn’t go looking for them.” 

People often have trouble seeing what’s really there, meaning the ability to distinguish love from infatuation. It can be a hindrance to spend time on what ultimately won’t yield any lasting results, so it may just be better to not go looking for love at all. 

But as in life, what about when things just happen? We should be prepared for the unexpected, so what should students do if they find themselves truly smitten with someone?

“It all depends on the person, really. Some people are more into commitment than others. Also everyone has different views of the meaning of the word love,” said Jessica Schue, a sophomore business administration student. 

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Different Ways to ‘Spring’ into Easter Celebrations

eggsColoring Easter eggs, jellybeans, Peeps, chocolate bunnies. It only means one thing. Easter Sunday is around the corner. Everyone has his or her family traditions, but why not change it up? There are tons of different ways you and your loved ones can celebrate this Easter Sunday. Try one of these ways to switch things up holiday season. 

#1. Celebrate with your family, not with the candy. Families, especially those with little kids, tend to get caught up in the traditional Easter egg hunts and the Easter baskets, but it is not all about the candy. 

Rebecca Zidik, a senior communication student, said, “In my family we used to celebrate Easter and when I was younger I would be in charge of a big Easter egg hunt. As I got older we moved away from the egg hunt unfortunately because my mom thinks its ‘bad’ that we don’t actually practice a religion. So instead of Easter, we celebrate springtime with the same Easter candy bunnies, baskets, eggs, etc. basically we “celebrate Easter” but we call it ‘Springtime celebration.’”

Juliann Fiorentino, a junior studying communication, said, “My family and I, every year, go to the Point Pleasant boardwalk to have lunch at the Snack Bar and play all the games in the arcade. It’s sort of a tradition.” 

Easter is a day to spend with the family. It is a holiday where you and your loved ones can finally push the stress aside and enjoy being with one another. 

Kevin Moedt, a junior studying communication, said, “My family and I spend Easter at my aunt’s house, just quality time with family. My nephew spends the day hiding Easter eggs for his sister. He likes the hiding part more than the finding part!” Family is the most important thing and Easter is the perfect holiday for families to enjoy quality time together.

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Cut it Out: When it’s Time to Cut Out Toxic Friends

friendsLet’s face it: sometimes, friends fight. Your best friend might have stolen a shirt you wanted to wear out. They might chew with their mouth open and you just can’t take it anymore. It’s only normal to get annoyed with the friends in our lives. But sometimes, a friendship goes south and it’s time to cut that person out, for the better of your own life.

As a 21-year-old woman, I’ve had plenty of friends come and go. Some I got into catty fights with and things were never the same. Some I just grew apart from; life gets busy and you can’t keep in touch with everyone. The most consistent friends in my life I’ve known since elementary and middle school. Those are the friends that I can count on no matter what happens, and no matter how long we’ve been apart or haven’t talked. But some friends I cut out on purpose, because I knew they were toxic in my life and the friendship would end eventually anyway (probably badly).

There comes a time in everyone’s lives, I believe, where you realize some people around you just aren’t really your friends. You know the ones. They’re the people that will talk about you behind your back as soon as you leave. They’re the people that do things that purposely make you angry. You might try to save the friendship, but I’ll give you a word of advice: these people aren’t your friends anyway.  So why try to fight for something or someone that wouldn’t do the same for you? Keep these types of ‘friends’ in mind when you are deciding whether or not to cut someone out of your life: 

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The Personal Growth of College Students

college lifeUpon arriving to college, new students tend to be nervous about what lies ahead for them. It can be frightening to see the great unknown called “your future” lying ahead in the years to come, but when college is over and done with, it’s safe to say that the unsure young freshman will have matured into a completely different person. 

The only question is, what kind of growth does college bring out in students? Besides being educated for a career in your chosen field, college elects personal growth above all other things. We learn how to become people, in a sense.

“I’d say we learn how to be a person, really,” said Chenowa Wendel, a sophomore English student. “We learn how to fend for ourselves and how to help others; we learn how to have fun and how to sacrifice our fun for our responsibilities.” 

Wendel, as a second year student, understands the expectations before her and the valuable lessons being at college is teaching her. The duality of her statements reflect the wide variety of lessons learned at college: you’re not just learning social skills and ways to live, you’re learning about compromises and sacrifices that are inevitable in life. “In a way, we learn what’s important and what isn’t,” she added.

People tend to come into their own once they’re left to their own devices. At college, you’re responsible for your own grades, food, and time management. The lack of a metaphorical “safety net” tends to bring out the best or worst in students. 

You stop being the person you were in high school for a number of reasons, because your attitude, environment, and expected behavior have all changed. This “reveal” of your inner self is characterized by your actions in college; by seeing what you are like under the pressure of being self-reliant and self-managed, you develop into the person you will likely be for your adult life.

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Constant Snapchatter: Are You Really Having Fun?

snapchat usersYou’re at a local bar with your group of friends singing along to a classic 90s song. Your food comes at a restaurant and it looks delicious. Your pet does something funny. Why wouldn’t you display these things to show the world? Okay, maybe not the world, maybe just your list of Snapchat friends.

Don’t lie, we’ve all done it. I know I definitely have. If you add me on Snapchat, you will see a wide variety of my cat, the food I eat, something that I’m watching on TV, me being sarcastic about things like traffic, homework, getting ready, life in general, and the occasional shot of me, in fact, singing to a great 90s classic at the bar. And sometimes, lets face it, I get a little over excited about my night out (…okay, I’ll be honest, it’s more likely to be of my cat and food) and post a ton of Snapchats for my friends to see.

Now, when I really think about it, I’m almost positive most of them don’t care to see what I’m doing. If they do, I’m flattered and I’m glad to see that they are keeping tabs on me and my life. But, as their names pop up under my story, I can’t say that all of them are actually watching. And I don’t blame them. I’ll admit if someone is a frequent poster (especially in the same night, we get it! You’re at a party and I’m in bed!) then I’ll just hold my finger down and let the video play fast enough for me not to able to watch it. Sorry, friends, just being honest here.

The real question that arises here isn’t what sandwich I’m eating today or if my cat is trying to bite me. It’s more like, why do we feel the need to post 10 second stories of our lives anyway? We already have Instagram for pictures. We already have Twitter for words. Does anyone really care if you’re eating sushi or petting a dog or getting ready with your friends? Does anyone really care that you’re taking a walk or laying with your significant other or driving your car listening to music? And in saying that, if you are posting 10 second pictures or videos every 10 seconds to showcase your exciting life, are you really having a good time or are you just showing off?

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Effects of Shore Dredging on Coastal Environment

dredginggggMonmouth University prides itself on its ties to the ocean, but do we truly analyze exactly what is happening to this vast space?

Dredging.  It is a topic few know about, yet it affects all University students. 

For some it is a simple eyesore that is forgotten about after the fact; however, for surfers at the University, it can be a draining nuisance when a certain area forgoes the dredging process. 

To get a perspective that is not fueled by surf daydreams, John Tiedemann, Assistant Dean and Director of the Marine and Environmental Biology and Policy Program at the University, offered his take on the procedure.

Tiedemann, who has been an Ocean County local for more than 40 years, recognizes that dredging is necessary and used to help rather than harm the ocean.

He defines dredging as, “the removal of sediment that has accumulated in channels.”

Professor Tiedemann explained, “In harbors dredging is required to maintain shipping channels, in smaller ports dredging is required to maintain navigation channels for commercial and recreational vessels.”

Whether it is a small private dock, a public marina, a commercial waterway or our own beaches, dredging may be affecting you or someone you know in monumental ways.  

“The biggest issue with dredging is finding an appropriate location for disposal of the dredged material. If the material is clean (uncontaminated) it should be considered for beneficial use; if it is contaminated, it must be handled as a waste material and disposed of in an environmentally acceptable manner,” said Tiedemann. 

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Who You are Meant to be According to Astrology

horoscope1 saidaonline xlargeAstrology is often confused with astronomy, however, the two offer very different views. “Astrology is a myth while astonomy is science,” Gloria Simmons-Brown, an adjunct astronomy professor said. 

Astronomy is the science of the universe while astrology is an interpretation of how the universe is dispalyed. In other words, astrology is the belief that the stars can predict one’s future based on their date of birth. While many may not believe the stars have this ability, society as a whole believes astrology to be well practiced.

Think about it: when you go to a bar, they may ask what is your “sign.” This term relates directly back to astrology, a science of thought first introduced by the Ancient Greeks.

Horoscopes are perhaps the most well-known aspect of astrology. They have formed off the basis of astrological methods of finding meaning in the sky, but instead of focusing on all elements in the sky, it looks at the stars and their constellations. A horoscope is meant to tell one’s characteristics as well as portions of their future.

Casey Allocco, a senior studying communication, said that she tries to read her horoscope daily, but does not always find it to be truthful. “I read my horoscope everyday on the app DailyHoroscope. I wasn’t sure if I believed them, but the more I read about my sign, the more I realize it actually does describe my personality. It tells me often that Pisces adapt to the characteristics of people around them and it changes who they are. I see that in myself along with a few others.”

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The Low Down on the Local Food Scene

low downNo matter where you go to college, you can guarantee there will be places near you that you can eat. Of course, there’s always the local McDonald’s or Dominos, but I’m talking about food that you can feel good about eating (sometimes, for really good prices).A few weeks ago I discussed how we aren’t lacking local bars around Monmouth, and we definitely aren’t lacking food either. 

I like to think of myself as a breakfast and sandwich connoisseur, so it didn’t take me long to scope out every sandwich place within the 732 area code. Along with that came breakfast places, and I’m not just talking about TAYLOR HAM (North Jersey people, preach with me) egg and cheese, which there are plenty of. I’m talking about whatever kind of sandwich you want, you can get it around here.

Let me start off local. If you don’t know what Brennan’s is, please get in your car and drive off campus, the dining hall is not going anywhere. Brennan’s Delicatessen in Oakhurst has a large variety of deli sandwiches, which come with almost everything you could imagine. They also have breakfast sandwiches, different types of salads, options you could have for dinner like chicken parm or fish, and a bunch of desserts from cookies to cannoli’s. If you enjoy a good deli sandwich arranged pretty much any way you can think of, go to Brennan’s.

While we’re on the topic of local sandwich places, you can try Neil’s Kitchen in Long Branch too. They have a large variety of both hot and cold sandwiches, sides like french fries and chicken fingers and multiple Italian entrees like baked ravioli. They also have soups and I would recommend the Spicy Cream of Artichoke. Don’t knock it till you try it, it’s awesome. 

There is also the Hungry Hobo, which is a small, diner-kind of place in West Long Branch. They have a ton of breakfast and lunch options, from soup and sandwiches to pancakes and French toast. They have several options on how you can order a college favorite, TAYLOR HAM (otherwise wrongly known as pork roll). You can get it on a regular roll or bagel, but you can also mix it up and get it on a quesadilla. They serve this with salsa and sour cream, which may sound strange, but it’s a great combination. 

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