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Past Editorial Staff and Alumni

Volume 84 (Fall 2012 - Spring 2013)


Shaharyar Ahmad | Science Editor (Fall: Issues 1-10, Spring: Issues 11-16)

Brett Bodner | Editor-in-Chief

Nana Bonsu | Opinion Editor

Kelly Brockett | Advertising Manager

Alex Chase | Co-Entertainment Editor (Spring: Issues 13-23)

Angela Ciroalo | Associate News Editor (Spring)

Martyna Dobkiewicz | Copy Editor (Fall)

Morganne Firmstone | Graduate Assistant

Lauren Garcia | Assistant News Editor (Fall: Issues 1-10, Spring: Issues 11-16)

Alyssa Gray | Comics Editor

Nick Hodgins | Senior Editor/Club & Greek Editor

Kevin Holton | Co-Entertainment Editor (Fall: Issues 1-10, Spring: Issues 11-12)

Jenna Intersimone | Co-News Editor (Spring)

Jacklyn Kouefati | Managing Editor/News Editor (Fall) / Managing Editor/Co-News Editor (Spring)

Matt Marino | Assistant Technology Manager (Spring: Issues 17-23)

Nicole Massabrook | Co-Entertainment Editor

Ed Morlock | Sports Editor

Evan Mydlowski | Assistant Technology Manager (Spring: Issues 17-23)

Chris Netta | Graduate Assistant (Fall)

Alexis Orlacchio | Assistant Club & Greek Editor (Fall) / Editor-At-Large (Spring)

Christopher Orlando | Politics Editor

Sarah Oseroff | Technology Manager

Joshua Silva | Assistant Technology Manager (Fall: Issues 1-10, Spring: Issues 11-16)

Maria Tsampounieri | Assistant Advertising Manager (Spring: Issues 18-23)

Brielle Wilson | Assistant Advertising Manager (Fall: Issues 1-10, Spring: Issues 11-17)

Casey Wolfe | Features Editor

Maggie Zelinka | Lifestyles Editor


Eddie Allegretto (Spring)

Wesley Brooks

Courtney Brooks

Fabiana Buentempo (Spring)

Nicole Calascibetta

Michelle Callas

Anna Chamberlain

Ryan Clutter

Alexis Decarvalho (Spring)

Daria Deluccia

Cassandra Figueroa (Spring)

Sage Fonseca

Amy Geis (Spring)

Rachel Gramuglia

Dan Gunderman

Brittany Hardaker

John Haren

Morgan Hollingsworth (Spring)

Kelly Hughes (Spring)

Brittany Irvine

Victoria Jordan

Taylor Kelly

Ray Malaspina

Gavin Mazzaglia

Brianna McCabe (Spring)

Isabella Paola (Spring)

Peter Quinton

Thaddeus Richards (Spring)

Jessica Roberts

Dan Roman

Nick Segreto

Ian Silakowski

Samantha Tartas

Emily Taylor

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