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Music and Your Mood

Music has power to alter the moods of all those who come to hear it. In the past, some types of music have had the ability to start riots, while other kinds can promote peace. Some tunes can make someone fall in love, while other songs can encourage hate.

Does music have some mind-altering power? I absolutely think so.

Since the spirit of music is so influential, it is vital to deliberate what style of music is appropriate in specific situations.

First step in judging what music is most proper is to consider all types of music. There is a time and place that fits all music whether it’s rock and roll, rap, hip-hop, soul, R&B, electronic, or soft instrumental Jazz!

The second step is to scan the area in which the music is going to be played.

The atmosphere in the room should somehow reflect the music playing. After attending many music festivals, I have seen this phenomenon first hand.

While hopping from shows to see a variety of different bands, I have seen how the music can change an attitude in a heartbeat. 

Music can influence people into having a good time or do the very opposite.

For example, imagine the college party scenario. In a group, it is key to create a playlist of music with a solid dance beat and catchy lyrics.

If the group is unpleased or unfamiliar with the tunes playing, the vibe in the room can become quite dull.

That same theory applies to finding fitting music to play in bars. When alcohol is a factor, good songs to play for this scene could be some hits from the 90’s, or popular rap music.

Drunks love nothing more than to sing along to songs from their past (that explains why karaoke is so popular in bars).

Sad, emotional songs can bring up painful memories resulting in wasted tears, so you better be cautious.

There is a time and place for gloomy, soulful songs and that is during your own deep personal reflection. Songs such as Adele’s “Someone Like You” can comfort a person going through a breakup by giving them that feeling that they are not alone.

However, if this same person keeps sad tunes on repeat, they can keep themselves in that depressive funk for a longer period of time.

Music can either resolve or fuel a fight.

For example, say two friends have found their relationship strained…metal music can result in a brewing of hatred for each other that can cause catastrophic damage to friendship. A quick way to resolve a fight is to put on a calm, happy music like Jack Johnson.

Try fighting to any Jack Johnson song. It’s nearly impossible.

Luckily for us, music can motivate. Exercising is not even an option without some stimulating tracks to encourage me.

Based on personal taste, creating a playlist of your favorite blood moving songs can help you to run faster or longer!

Our own favorite music has the ability to make us move.

If music can make a person run faster, wouldn’t that same theory also apply to a person’s driving speed?

The song playing in your car can have massive effects on your driving.

Unfortunately, fast music is not a reasonable excuse to give cops for speeding. Imagine it… “Sorry Officer, I didn’t realize how fast I was driving! That song ‘Sexy and I know it’ by LMFAO came on and I was really feelin’ it.”

Since music has this ability to change our moods and produce action, it is something to consider in all situations.

Bad music (more so unfitting music) can cause boredom, anger, or become an annoyance in social spots.

Nonetheless, when you are alone or with close friends, listen to whatever you would like! That is what music is all about, listening to what you want.