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Harry Styles Shows Off His Solo-Fashion Style

Harry SittingIf you haven’t seen the pictures of Harry Styles for Another Man magazine, have you been living under a rock? Styles posted a bit of a warning on his Instagram on Sept. 25 with three completely blank pictures and put all of his fans (including me) in a panic. Something was coming but no one knew what. The next day, Sept. 26, is when the internet went crazy because he revealed his three covers for Another Man magazine. It was unlike anything he has ever done before and it is a completely different way to break out and start his solo career.

Harry Styles has proved time and time again that he is not your average celebrity heartthrob. He’s branched and took big risks for men’s fashion. According to MTV news, some of his tattoo’s are even rumored to have influenced Gucci’s new range. It’s no surprise that he would have wanted the start of his solo debut to something more than just a typical magazine with him standing there “smizing” (smiling with your eyes) at the camera. He approached Another Man and had something completely different in mind.

The creators of Another Man brand themselves as a “thought-provoking blend of high fashion, art and culture.” Looking at their previous covers, they have done very high fashion and classic influenced photoshoots. Styles has always showed an interest in art and the classics (it’s evident with his love for Mick Jagger) and this magazine was a perfect fit.

Allison Perrine, a senior communication student, commented on the magazine, “I think Harry looks great in all of the pictures, but it’s more than that. He was able to use his creativity and show more about his personality through the photos, including his love of fashion (and Mick Jagger).”

HarryIt’s also interesting to look at the contrast to the way his former bandmate, Zayn Malik, launched his solo career. While Malik still focused on fashion, his debut was not as risky and artistic as the direction Styles seems to be going in. Rumors went around that Malik was showing his distaste for Styles but if you look at Harry’s shoot, the pictures speak for themselves.

In the spread, there is barely any talk about an announcement of music coming from the big star, but it feels like it’s a deeper look into who he really is. This is the start of Harry Styles, the individual, rather than Harry Styles, “the guy from One Direction.” The pages are filled with several personal pieces from his closet and his most cherished items. There is even a bit in the magazine about a mixtape of his favorite music, which will now probably be listened to by all of his fans.

What’s most interesting about this photoshoot is the clear influence of a young Mick Jagger and how shockingly similar the two look. It isn’t news that Styles has been compared to Mick Jagger before because they have almost the same face; it’s kind of scary but fascinating to see him recreate iconic pictures of Jagger during his early days with The Rolling Stones. That was a risky move and there seems to be nothing but positive reactions, so it’s safe to say he pulled it off.

Lexi George, a senior and international business student, said, “I think the fact that they based these photos on Mick Jagger is so iconic and seriously awesome. Getting that kind of publicity and being compared to an artist as revered as Mick Jagger and not have anyone bad mouth it is a great feat for Harry.”

The photos throughout the whole spread all have a very particular style and it showcases that through a 60’s pop style and old rocker image. You see him wearing leather jackets, and printed jackets and pants, such as ones with stripes and abstract shapes. It is unlike anything you would expect from a pop star, so it’s exciting to see what his plans are for the future.

Now that we’ve got a little taste of what Harry Styles can do on his own artistically, one can only imagine how different his sound will be. The world may not be ready for solo Harry Styles, but he’s coming and it looks promising.

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