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Beyoncé Slays the Formation World Tour

Beyonce1On Friday, Oct. 7 our lord and savior, Beyoncé, blessed New Jersey with her radiant presence. On this day “Queen Bey” came to East Rutherford’s Metlife Stadium and brought her Formation World Tour to an end.

The show kicked off at 8:30 p.m. with an opener from DJ Khaled and his impressive lineup of guests. During his set he brought out August Alsina, Remy Ma, DMX, Ja Rule, T.I., and more. Each guest did about two songs and with such a great lineup, really got the crowd excited for Beyoncé.

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Harry Styles Shows Off His Solo-Fashion Style

Harry SittingIf you haven’t seen the pictures of Harry Styles for Another Man magazine, have you been living under a rock? Styles posted a bit of a warning on his Instagram on Sept. 25 with three completely blank pictures and put all of his fans (including me) in a panic. Something was coming but no one knew what. The next day, Sept. 26, is when the internet went crazy because he revealed his three covers for Another Man magazine. It was unlike anything he has ever done before and it is a completely different way to break out and start his solo career.

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MU Hosts a Next-Generation American Music Legend


The Center for the Arts at Monmouth University has announced that tickets are now on sale for an Oct. 21 concert featuring the standard bearer for one of the greatest legacies in American music: multiple Grammy winner Rosanne Cash.

Part of the 2016-2017 Performing Arts Series, the 8 p.m. concert is one of several Fall 2016 events presented under a special partnership between Monmouth University and the LA-based Grammy Museum. Hosted inside the recently renovated Pollak Theatre, the show finds the celebrated vocalist and songwriter joined on the newly enlarged Pollak Theatre stage by husband, musical director and guitarist John Leventhal and their full band, in a set that draws from the artist’s rich catalog of recordings, with a spotlight on the triple-Grammy album The River and the Thread.

Boasting eleven Cash-Leventhal originals, The River and the Thread marked an exciting new evolution in the long-playing career of a performer who made her first big splash with the 1981 mega-hit “Seven Year Ache” (and who netted her first Grammy in 1985). A cycle of portraits in story and song, the album sketches the lives of Southern people – from the thoughts of a soldier gone off to fight in the war between the states, to the struggles of a contemporary Alabama couple – with a paint box of Delta blues, Appalachian folk, Nashville country, gospel, and the myriad other styles that sprang from the fertile soil of Cash’s native Southland.

At the same time, the record speaks to the soul of the artist whose starkly compelling 1990 LP “Interiors” signaled both an emotional and physical move from music-row Nashville to New York City, and whose storytelling skills have been honed over the past quarter of a century via the publication of an acclaimed memoir, a children’s book, an edited collection of “Prose by Celebrated Songwriters,” as well as numerous contributions to The New York Times, Rolling Stone, and The New Yorker.

Garnering three major awards at the 2015 Grammy ceremony — for Best Americana Album, as well as for Best American Roots Performance and Song for “A Feather’s Not a Bird” — the all-original River and the Thread serves as a fine complement to the award winning 2009 release “The List,” in which Cash and a cast of guest performers (including our own Bruce Springsteen) interpreted a dozen classic country selections by other composers — all of them drawn from a list of 100 essential country songs that her father, Johnny Cash, provided to the aspiring performer as a way of better understanding the deeply rooted soul of the music.

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Record Club Takes a Closer Look at Nirvana Album Nevermind

MU First Record Club 2Students and faculty gathered in the theater with three expert panelists to discuss Nirvana’s groundbreaking album, Nevermind as part of the Tuesday Night Record Club on Sept. 27 at 7:30 p.m in Woods Memorial Theatre.

“It’s like a book club, but with albums,” said Bob Santelli, Executive Director of the GRAMMY Museum and University alumnus. The University’s student-run record label, Blue Hawk Records hosted its first ever “Record Club” event. Here, music lovers gathered to discuss and review albums of the past; the first review was Nirvana’s famous album Nevermind. Dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Kenneth Womack, Ph.D., said that the idea came from Santelli.

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No Man’s Sky: Interesting Indie, or Triple-A Flop?

No Mans Sky Indie Or FlopIn the gaming world, there’s a commonly used phrase, “hype-train.” If you are on the hype-train for a game, it basically means you’re excited for it and believe it will be good. Many gamers and critics alike boarded the No Man’s Sky hype-train; this game received numerous best-of-show rewards at the E3 gaming conference, the cover for an issue of GameInformer, as well as air-time on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. This is all rather impressive, especially considering that No Man’s Sky was developed by a small indie team, Hello Games.

So, what is No Man’s Sky? No Man’s Sky is an open-world, exploration-based, sci-fi space-simulation. It’s described on Steam as “a game about exploration and survival in an infinite procedurally generated universe.” Procedural generation means that many elements of No Man’s Sky (planets, animals, plants, starships) are created by an algorithm, designed by Hello Games. So, the universe of No Man’s Sky has, in some ways, near infinite possibilities. That no two planets you visit, or two ships you cross paths with, will be exactly the same (at least in some respects).

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Spanish Guitar Master, Roni Benise, Visits MU

Roni Benise Spanish Guitar MasterGuitar master Roni Benise brings his 10th anniversary tour and an international troupe to Monmouth U’s renovated Theatre, with “Strings of Passion.”

The Center for the Arts at the University has announced that tickets are now on sale for “Strings of Passion,” an Oct. 15 concert event headlined by The Prince of Spanish Guitar, Roni Benise.

Presented inside the Pollak Theatre, the 8 p.m. concert promises to be a spectacular showcase for the recently refurbished flagship auditorium of the Monmouth campus. In addition to boasting improved sight lines and nearly 700 new seats, the Pollak Theatre offers guest artists a newly enlarged stage area — a space that is more than up to the task of accommodating Benise, his touring orchestra, and an international troupe of dancers in their coastal New Jersey area debut.

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Battleborn Has Died, at the Ripe Old Age of Four (Months)

Battleborn Has DiedIn gaming, if a game is dead it is no longer played by a sizable audience. Battleborn is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena)/first-person shooter game, developed by Gearbox Software (the renowned developers of the Borderlands series). I first heard of the game prior to its release, in 2015; I like MOBAs and shooters, also I loved playing Borderlands, so the game seemed like a must-buy. I managed to get into a beta-test while Battleborn was in its pre-release, during this test the game impressed me and I preordered it. It released in May, I played it, found it to be a solid MOBA/shooter despite some flaws, and reviewed it as 8/10. Just before this fall semester, when I was planning to run my review, I picked up Battleborn again, and immediately wished I hadn’t, because now I have to rewrite my review.

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The BreakBeat Poets Visit Wilson Hall

BreakBeat Poets WHA dash of cultural poetry, a pinch of eye-opening stories, and a spritz of new generation hip-hop all mixed together will get you The Breakbeat Poets. On Thursday, Sept. 15 authors from this revolutionary anthology performed in front of students at the University’s Wilson Hall.

The anthology featured 78 different poets from all over the country, born between 1961 and 1999. The book claimed to be the first poetry anthology by and for the hip-hop generation and attempted to create a unified statement by poets who have been shaped by the genre’s re-shaping of American prose. Angel Nafis, Nate Marshall, Kevin Coval, and Morgan Parker, four of the ‘Breakbeat Poets,’ performed a few of their most popular pieces, as well as told life stories and answered questions in a Q&A after the performance.

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“American Horror Story” is Back For a Sixth Season

AHS Season 6 1From a haunted house to a disturbed asylum and a freak show, FX’s American Horror Story (AHS) has captivated viewers time after time. Each season has a new theme and we slowly piece together one big mystery as the plot un-ravels. Now, AHS is back for its sixth season, “My Roanoke Nightmare;” a season that is already very different than the others.

The first episode began with the words, “The following story is inspired by true events.” This is already some-thing new for the show. In previous seasons, there have been characters based on real people, such as in season five, “Hotel,” when Lily Rabe played the role of Aileen Wuornos, a real person who was convicted of multiple murders in the early 1990s; however, this season, the true events stem from the Roanoke colony of the late 1500s; a colony whose people left to relocate but went missing. The definite whereabouts of those people were never resolved.

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NBC’s “This is Us” is a Success

NBC This Is Us 1When the previews for NBC’s latest drama This is Us aired, the premise looked pretty simple - four people who all share the same birthday. Those four people are Jack (Milo Ventimiglia), Randall (Sterling K. Brown), Kate (Chrissy Metz), and Kevin (Justin Hartley). They are all drastically different and are somehow all connected, which is what will be revealed later.

Jack is married to Rebecca (Mandy Moore); they are an adorable young couple who, when we meet them, are expecting triplets, or as they like to call them, “The Big Three.” The two of them are madly in love and have their world turned upside down when it is revealed that there are complications with her pregnancy.

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Mac Miller Releases “The Divine Feminine”

Mac Miller The Divine FeminineMac Miller is a 24-year-old rapper who has been putting out solo records since 2009. One of his first big songs, “Donald Trump,” generated some buzz about him and his music – including attention from Donald Trump himself. Now he’s out with his fourth studio album, The Divine Feminine, which was released on Sept. 16.

The first thing that caught my attention was the title itself. In an interview with Zane Lowe on Beats 1 Radio, Mac said that this album title was, “A concept that was told to me about just the energy of the world being a female energy, the energy of the planet… and just kind of like how that mirrors the soul of a woman, and you know, like Mother Earth and falling in love with the universe.”

There are ten songs on the album – many of which talk a lot about love and desire as he had mentioned. Of the ten songs, several big name artists were featured such as Kendrick Lamar, Ariana Grande, Cee Lo Green, Ty Dolla $ign, and more, which gives a variety to the types of songs on the album from all of the different collaborating artists.

The most popular song on the iTunes charts from The Divine Feminine is “Daang!” which features Anderson .Paak. It’s a slower-paced song and the first time I listened to it, it reminded me of a remix to a song that you’d hear in an elevator.

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