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Is Black Friday Shopping Just a Black Hole?

Black Friday ShoppingWhat causes you to lose sleep and stresses you out to no end? Nope it’s not college, it’s Black Friday!

After all the turkey, stuffing, and desserts, some are willing to lose sleep and venture out into crowds of people to take advantage of the year’s best deals.

Is all of this really worth it and is Black Friday all it’s hyped up to be? states that the reason Black Friday is so popular is because it has grown into a phenomenon. It’s also important to note that it’s not all about the super low prices. In fact, most people aren’t even after anything specific.

Some people simply want to see what the hype is all about and experience it for themselves. Besides that, some companies will offer sales throughout the year that are better than Black Friday sales. A company may have a sale of 30 percent off but then offer 50 percent off either weeks or months after Christmas.  Senior communication student, Kayla Cardona, does not go Black Friday shopping and prefers to enjoy the holidays with family. She said, “I don’t go shopping since there isn’t anything I desperately need to be waiting in lines for or being surrounded by crowds.”

“I think it’s worth it if someone really needs something and it’s a huge deal they’re getting. But if not, I think it’s best to just stay home and enjoy the holiday,” Cardona continued. 

On the other hand, the New York Post says that Black Friday really is actually worth spending the time and dedication to being outside or in lines and amongst crowds because of the insanely low prices that come just once a year. The article gives the examples of purchasing an Xbox One for $189 as opposed to $279, or getting a new iPhone and a $250 gift card simply because you buy an iPhone. The article does make it seem as though the deals are worth losing sleep over or going out still stuffed with food.

Specialist professor of communication, Matthew Harmon, said, “I definitely participated in Cyber Monday. I got 90 percent of my holiday shopping done.”

Contrary to what other students said, a freshman social work student, Kayla Greiss, actually enjoys Black Friday. She said, “I love Black Friday shopping. I honestly feel like it’s a part of the holidays, it’s a tradition for me to go shopping. The sales are definitely worth it for most stores. I usually go at like 5 a.m. and get it done.”

Whether you like venturing out at the crack of dawn and continuing to lose sleep like Greiss or you prefer cyber Monday shopping from the comfort and warmth of your bed, don’t forget that there is more to Thanksgiving than just Black Friday. It just so happens that on that Tuesday, Monmouth makes it a point to recognize Giving Tuesday--a day to give back.

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