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Almunae Start Cupcake Business

Almunae Cupcake BusinessSisterly bonds sometimes go on a little further than just family, especially when sisters are just three years apart. Alumnae Carissa and Jaclyn Franzi both graduated from the University and have started their own cupcake business called Stuffed Enuff, where they create personalized cupcake orders to match any occasion.

Carissa graduated from the University in 2011 with a degree in anthropology and elementary education. Carissa attended school on a scholarship for women’s lacrosse and not only met some of her lifelong friends at the University, but also eventually had her younger sister, Jaclyn, by her side through her final college year.

Jaclyn, who graduated in 2014 with a degree in elementary education, anthropology, and special education, found her way to the University because of Carissa. While touring other campuses, she began comparing all of them to her sister’s campus and quickly realized there was no place better than Monmouth.

While Carissa was on the field scoring goals in lacrosse, Jaclyn spent time participating as a member of the Alpha Omicron Pi Fraternity which was colonized on campus in 2013. Before then, Jaclyn, although not as always involved as a college athlete, would have said that she always felt welcomed at all and any events she attended on campus.

As of right now, Stuffed Enuff is mainly based on Instagram with no established website, however, hopes for it to become more well-known over time are high. The Franzi sisters are currently continuing to take classes to find new ways to increase their pastry skills. Not only that, but they also get to keep baking and testing out their own products.

“Growing up and even today, I’ve always had the biggest sweet tooth. I’ve enjoyed baking and cooking for any events, especially when it came to preparing food for a theme or special occasion. When we started getting compliments and requests for some of our cupcakes, I figured I would take a shot and create Stuffed Enuff,” said Carissa about her and her sibling’s new business venture.

Jaclyn and Carissa have been involved with various events such as bridal parties, birthday parties, and baby showers. Not only do they create delicious products for their customers, but also clever creations to catch the eye such as beach themed cupcakes, wedding dress cupcakes and flower pot centerpieces made of none other than cupcakes.

“My mother is an amazing cook and an exceptional baker. Watching her create dishes that others rave about has been quite the inspiration. It’s great getting to work together on projects as well as pick each other’s brains when it comes to new themes and ideas for our desserts,” Jaclyn said.

Stuffed Enuff is more than just a pretty cake. This company is about taste and bringing people together around food. When people come together to celebrate, they believe every part from the hello kisses at the door to the last bite of dessert should be memorable.

“Food has always been a big part of our family traditions and we would love to be a part in making your events more memorable with the addition of our treats,” said Jaclyn.

For more information on how to have Stuffed Enuff cater your event, follow them on Instagram at @StuffedEnuff or email jaclynfranzi2@gmail.com.

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