Campus Viewpoint 11-01-17

What is your favorite Halloween memory?

11.01.17 Viewpoint 5

Benjamin Joskowski

“My friends and I used to ride in the back of an open pick-up truck around our neighborhood to quickly trick-or-treat from house to house."

11.01.17 Viewpoint 6

Daniella Scara

“I loved trick-or-treating as a kid with all of my friends from my neighborhood."

11.01.17 Viewpoint 7

Paul Haines

“Watching the Nightmare Before Christmas with my family every Halloween."

11.01.17 Viewpoint 8

Jennifer Shamrock, Ph.D.

“Ever since I got my pug, Dharma, it is always fun to dress her up; she's been a seahorse, bumblebee and a strawberry, to name a few."

11.01.17 Viewpoint 9

Mary Harris
Specialist Professor

“I cherish the memories of when I used to visit my aunt and uncle with my parents and trick-or-treat and bake treats with them."