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Where Are They Now - Britt Travis '05 Communication | Study Abroad in London, England in Fall 2002 || Features

study abroadI wasn’t enjoying my experience as a freshman in college…and I had dreamed of being abroad my whole life. When I saw the advertisement & met with Robyn, I felt like I would meet similar people to me. It ended up being the best decision of my life to date.

Robyn was amazing to us; we really felt like we had a person to connect to…many of the other schools seemed to ship students off without a “home base contact.” That was crucial.

At first it made me more connected to people like me at Monmouth – and that was really important. I was 19 – young, unsure of who I was. It sounds silly, but studying abroad helped me gain confidence so that I could really succeed at Monmouth. After traveling through countries where no one will speak to you in English, smartphones weren’t a thing yet, you had to be confident to get through the program. It set me up to continue to have confidence in myself after the program ended. While it didn’t alter my career path – I had always wanted to be in advertising, it enabled me to utilize what I learned to excel further. How many potential employees could speak fluently about different advertising as it was viewed in other countries, compare it to America, and have an opinion on how to make ours better? Not many. It made me stand out – and ahead, of the pack. It enabled me to get hired weeks after graduation.

First, Study Abroad forced me to be confident; second, it made me know what my “musts” in life are (ie: I will not date a person who will not travel; my future children will study abroad…) I know, for sure, I am a changed person because of studying abroad. Travel is a part of who I am now.

Five Questions:

Q. On a scale of ONE to TEN, how would your rate your study abroad experience?

A. Infinite.

Q. Give us one word that sums it up?

A. Life changing.

Q. Why do you think more students don’t study abroad?

A. I think there’s a lot of fear (especially in younger generations.) They’re used to being taken care of 24.7; it’s scary to think about being on another continent without that “safety net”. I also think there’s a financial fear attached. People assume it’s very expensive.

Q. Do you still think about your study abroad experience?

A. It comes up regularly – it’s on my resume, when people ask me where I studied I always mention it.

Q. Do you still keep in touch with the people you met on study abroad?

A. Yes; at first they are the only people that understand what you went through. They understand the ache of your adopted country & the silly things that happened on your travels. Like all friends, you grow up and sometimes apart. I am still incredibly close with one girl I did extensive traveling with. We still hang in London together & visit the school when we can!

Photo: Close friends, Britt and Kelly visit what is now Regent’s University London in May 2014

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