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Brighton Stabbing || News

Long Branch resident Robert Powers Sr. was attacked by his son, Robert Powers Jr., who yielded a machete and a switchblade knife upon the arrival of Long Branch Police Department (LBPD) last Monday. Powers Sr. received first aid for a head injury, according to LBPD.

Long Branch Director of Public Safety Jason Roebuck said that LBPD received a call about two males fighting outside at 121 Brighton Avenue around 5:00 pm on Monday. One of the subjects threatened to kill the other and then dragged him back into the house.

When police arrived on the scene, Powers Sr. opened the door bleeding from a head wound. He told officers he was attacked by his son and was then removed from the residence, according to Roebuck. Powers Jr., who was still inside, approached the officers with a switchblade knife. The officers drew their weapons and backed out of the residence, he said.

The officers were followed out by Powers Jr., who claimed that he was “Jesus Christ” and “the second coming of the Satanic Christ,” according to Public Safety.  Powers Jr. went back inside while police surrounded the house, said Roebuck.

The subject continued to yell incoherently at the officers using racial slurs and inappropriate names while holding a machete. Powers Jr. also made a fake Molotov cocktail, which police suspected to be made with water and a wick, Roebuck added.

Reinforcements called to the scene included the Monmouth County Emergency Response Team (MOCERT), West Long Branch Police Department (WLBPD), Long Branch Fire and First Aid and other off-duty officers, according to Public Safety.

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Shots iGot Helps College Students Moderate Their Drinking || News

ShotsiGot1 ShotsiGot2 ShotsiGot3 ShotsiGot4

Shots iGot is a new five star iPhone app created to reduce over-drinking. Paras Jain, Chief Operating Officer and one of the three creators, said that there is nothing like their app on the market right now.

The iPhone app was created by Jain, Josh Rosenheck who serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Mike Verderese who is the Chief Technology Officer. All three of the gentlemen are 22 years old and attended Rutgers University together.

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