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Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, & Rook: Which Company has the Best Coffee?

Starbucks DD or RookBeing at Monmouth University has made me realize that I am not alone when it comes to loving coffee. Though many students on campus use coffee for its caffeine after staying up studying or writing a paper, there are also those who see coffee as a flavorful treat to enjoy at any time of the day.

The common question among the student population is what the differences between the big three coffee shops are and why they matter to them personally.

These three locations are Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks, and rook and while they all provide the students with the same product -coffee- the big three also come with different varieties of this one product.

This creates a vast amount of choices for the customer, the main ones involving price, distance, and caffeine levels. So, which location IS the best and why?

Every college student has a concern for the amount of money they spend, especially on items that are not a necessity. When referring to coffee, buying from outside vendors can be expensive, particularly if coffee is a daily expense.

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MU First Generation Students Need Programming

MU Students Need ProgrammingBeing a first generation student can be really difficult, especially when your parents are from a different culture. Monmouth University could benefit from better programming to assist their students in their transition to college life.

Did you know that Monmouth University’s demographic data on first generation students is nearly half our student body? Two most recent facts-in-brief publications indicate that the fall 2015 incoming class was 42.9% first generation and the fall 2016 incoming class was 40.7% first generation.

Like many others, I am one of those first generation college students. Among our fellow students, there are a number of families that immigrated here to provide a better life and to be able to have the opportunity to live the American Dream.

Being a first generation student means having to get accustomed to having a lot of unknown variables. In many cases, this means that parents’ educations stopped at either high school or below. This in turn meant that students are forced to educate themselves on not just books and math and such, but also FAFSA applications, college applications, and extracurriculars--if that was a possibility. This adds to the foggy understanding of the American college application process. While universities can’t assist students in the application process, they can have an influence in helping in the transition of accepted students. 

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Solitude: Do We Get Enough of It?

Solitude Do We Get EnoughOn an average Tuesday, my busiest day on campus, I am constantly interacting with professors and fellow students; whether I am exchanging ideas in a class discussion, grabbing lunch with friends, creating study groups, or simply just getting involved on campus by attending social events. On campus, we are always engaging in conversation and spending time with others. But sometimes, it can be exhausting.

Of course, humans are social creatures. Social interaction is necessary because it fulfills our need to belong, shapes our behavior and personality, and allows us to learn a thing or two from one another.

In fact, we are constantly trying to find ways to be even more social, such as making new friends to expand our social circle. But do we really spend as much time alone as we need?

We all occasionally need a break from constant communication. We all need a few minutes of solitude in order to relax and collect our thoughts. Solitude can really improve our health and keep us sane as stressed out college students!

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Who Goes To The Movies Anymore?

Going to the movies used to be a fun, spontaneous plan. Had nothing to do on a Friday night? Let’s go catch a movie!

Nowadays, there are multiple reasons that start to beg the question: is it even worth it to go to the movies anymore?

To start off, the fact that going to the movies consists of me spending a month’s salary just at the concession stand is bothersome!

Not only are the concessions expensive, but they are downright unhealthy. There are no healthy alternatives to the yellow, buttered popcorn, and even if you wanted to bring your own healthy substitute, it is prohibited. I can remember various times where I have snuck food into the theatre, hoping to save money and snack healthier. Now, they check your bags to make sure you do not bring in outside food or drinks.

While snacks costing a month’s salary is an exaggeration, movie tickets now can run you at least fifteen dollars a ticket. I feel like my grandmother writing this but I can remember a time when going to the movies used to be an easy, affordable outing. Now you have to be prepared to spend big bucks!

When I was younger, my family and I would go to the theatres for movie marathons. By marathons I mean that we would buy a ticket for one movie, watch that movie, and then afterwards sneak into another theatre for a second film. If we were lucky, we would find three movies that would run back to back to back.

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Good Manners Don't Cost a Thing

Good Manners Dont Cost“Good manners don’t cost a thing.” I can still hear my mother repeatedly drilling this expression into my head at the dinner table. At an early age, my parents conditioned me into having a good sense of manners.

“Please” and “thank you” are two simple words that possess a power far greater than their meaning. I was constantly reminded to say, “Please” when I wanted one of my needs met and say, “Thank you” to express my gratitude.

Fifteen years later, now as a young adult, I have come to the realization that not everyone’s parents were as adamant about instilling good manners into their child.

Too often, I see doors being opened with no “thank you” following the kind act or the absence of a “please” after a request.

On a service trip with my fellow classmates, I received a “thank you” that I will never forget. I was serving an elderly man his lunch at a nursing home, and as I placed his Jell-O and mixed fruit bowl on his tray, he looked at me with the fondest smile. He said, “Thank you. I will remember the kindness you have shown me.” I’d like to believe that this is the meaning behind every individual’s use of these two words.

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Girls in Boy Scouts

Girls in Boy ScoutsMy brother, father, and grandfather have two things in common; they are all named Nick and they are all Eagle Scouts. While they belonged to different troops, they shared the same experiences and were all subject to the character development, citizenship training, and mental and physical fitness that makes up Scouting.

I have vivid childhood memories of my father taking me to Goosepond, for family night at my brother’s summer Boy Scout camp. The yearly trip included fireside stories, ice cream, and giant blue raspberry ice pops.

I was jealous of my brother for being able to go to the camp each summer. Not only because of the campfires, ice cream and ice pops, but because of the whole camping experience. 

He hiked, swam, canoed, rock climbed, and most of all camped. There were boys in my school classes that I would see every summer at the camp. I wanted to be them. I always thought: why aren’t there any girls at this camp?

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Legalize It!

The controversy about the legalization of marijuana has been evident over the last ten years.  As society becomes more aware of the actual uses of marijuana, the more controversial the topic becomes.

Today, marijuana is used for both recreational uses along with medical use. Specific states have legalized marijuana as well decriminalized it for many reasons.

Decriminalizing marijuana can benefit the state by giving the state’s ability to free up policing resources. This can help smaller police departments deal with more serious criminal issues. The act of being “high” does not automatically force you to commit a heinous criminal crime. There has been very little to none research suggesting that there is a direct correlation between the two factors.

It also has been determined that marijuana is not a gateway drug and does not cause further substance abuse problems. Things such as alcohol and tobacco have a much more detrimental effect on an individual’s body than marijuana would.

Legalizing marijuana could potentially give people other options during recreational activities other than drinking or smoking tobacco. This could also in turn decline people’s tobacco and alcohol addictions.

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Best Friend = Significant Other?

Best Friend Significant OtherWhen thinking of a relationship today, many do not associate it with friendship. Though you are giving your entirety to that one other person, the thought of kissing or holding hands with the person you share all of your secrets with and you let see you in your worst mismatched pajamas can sometimes be overwhelming.

The vast majority of relationships, though, does in fact fall under the umbrella of friendship, and even best friends at times. But, even though this may be the case, the balance between friendship with your partner and friendships outside of that can vary based on the relationship.

Some relationships only need their significant others for the bare minimum; obviously being honest, caring and loving, but never really relying on that other person to stress over specific minor obstacles in the other’s life. In this case, the balance would lean towards something like leaning on your partner 20 percent and your friends outside the relationships 80 percent. With this relationship type, the couple may not be as open with one another about certain topics as others. Also, the couple may not entirely know everything about the other person in the relationship.

In the middle would be the type of relationship where the couple decides that each person has their own life, but also appreciates having each other to fall back on as well.

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Halloween Costumes for 2017

Halloween Costumes 2017Halloween is right around the corner, and whether you planned out your costume a year in advance or wait till the last minute, there are so many costumes to choose from. Whether it is a loved classic or a new trend, there is something out there for everyone.

On Halloween, we can become anything we want, whether it be your favorite movie, tv character, celebrities, or even our favorite animals. The possibilities are endless.

The popular and recently remastered movie IT, has revived Pennywise the clown just in time for Halloween 2017. Whether you follow a makeup tutorial online, or grab a clown suit and a mask, you’ll be sure to give a lot of people a scare that night.

If you plan to save the world on Halloween, gear up, and unleash your inner hero. The classic superhero costume of Wonder Woman is also making a comeback this year due to the Emmy nominated, 2017 redition that took the box office by storm this past summer.

The Wonder Woman costume has been around for years, and every year it’s a top costume, with a new look. You’ll be sure to capture the warrior within while wearing metal cuffs and swinging the Lasso of Truth.

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Halloween: A Holiday for All Ages

Happy spooky season! Halloween is thought to be a children’s holiday, where they dress up in their little costumes and walk around the neighborhood trick-or-treating. But people of any age can participate in the fall festivities.

Personally, I stopped trick-or-treating at the age of fifteen. I, or should I say my mother, felt that the tradition of collecting candy from neighborhood houses should be reserved for those young enough to believe in Santa and the Easter Bunny. But, my mother played a large.

However, my friends would still go out and collect candy from their neighborhoods. Although I did not partake in the candy collecting, I still attended haunted houses and scary corn mazes. Just because you do not go trick-or-treating does not mean that you cannot take part in the Halloween activities in your area.

I feel as though there are more Halloween costume opportunities for as you get older. Children are usually pumpkins, or princesses, and maybe the occasional Mike Wazowski.  Adults can pull off the toga costumes and Rosie the Riveter. Not to mention that adults make better superheroes.

Monmouth students are sure to dress up Hallo-weekend for a night out on the town. While they might not be going door to door looking for candy, they are dressing up and having a good time just the same. Some may choose to work a solo costume, while others are involved in a group theme.

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Born in the Wrong Decade?

Born in Wrong DecadeAs I sit down to write this, I’ve got two pies baking in the oven, my apron on and Frank Sinatra serenading me through a speaker. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, I am an old soul through and through. Did I see Tony Bennett live in concert two weeks ago? You bet. The 2000’s have been great, albeit 2017 and all that has happened over the past several months. However, this just is not the decade for me. I can’t help but think that I was born in wrong era; yes, I’m a 90’s baby, but there is something about the 1950’s that I just can’t seem to let go of.

First things first, there is no denying the fact that the music industry was thriving in the 1950’s. With artists like Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Ray Charles, Dean Martin, Ella Fitzgerald, Johnny Cash. You get the picture.

Such artists produced music that you could actually dance to, not just jump around or sway back and forth to; and the lyrics were meaningful unlike some of the absolute trash that is played on the radio today. There was no such thing as auto tune or crazy electronic beats or dub-step, but rather an appreciation for actual instruments and un-altered vocals; to simply put it: talent.

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