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Now is the Time More Than Ever That You Should be Doing AC

ac"America's favorite playground," "Monopoly City," or the gleaming "city-by-the-sea." Call it what you like, I as well as many others, have fallen in love with Atlantic City and made many fond memories in our little South Jersey treasure.

Fortunately, for those of us who are fond of AC, the city has almost always thrived. From being a famously rebellious place where all bets were off and all alcohol was available during the prohibition, to the wild success of the real estate along the coast with large casinos, clubs and the boardwalk in recent times, we knew our little playground was safe and sound.

But on the other hand, unfortunately, in the past couple of years the economy and success in Atlantic City has been steadily declining and plummeting to dangerous new lows.

With big name casinos such as Showboat, Trump Plaza and Revel closing its doors, it is obvious the city could be in trouble.

The main reason for this slump is likely that other states are opening smaller solo casinos and legalizing online gambling, eliminating the need to make the trip to AC entirely. To me, Atlantic City just has something more going for it than other casino rivals like Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun; it has heart.

AC carries with its many nicknames so much rich history, personality, some glitz and maybe just a bit of magic. That's why I believe that we should all DO AC.

I don't think there is anywhere in the world quite like it. Sure, Las Vegas is well, Las Vegas ... but it is located in the middle of a dessert, in the middle of the country. Other casinos may be popping up in single locations in other states but in AC you get it ALL in one little place. There is the beach, the boardwalk, shopping and restaurants, your choice of dozens of resort casinos, night clubs, bars, and the always fun events occurring.

I do believe that sometimes living in NJ and so close to AC makes it easy to take it for granted. But think about it: one day, America's gleaming, wild, and pulsing playground with it's bright lights, long beaches and loud music could be nothing more than an abandoned city ... a ghost town filled with beloved memories.

I have so many great memories of AC. From sunny days on the beach and boardwalk and yummy dinners in the rainforest cafe when I was a young girl with my family to crazy nights in the casinos dancing and laughing the time away with my friends as an adult. I couldn't imagine all of that being gone one day.

So next time you are planning a little weekend getaway, a fun night out, or a short day trip, why not Do AC? Even if you are not the wild child, party animal, drinker or gambler there is still plenty of allure.

In other words, Atlantic City does not just have to be for wild young adults in their twenties who will sit at a table all night emptying their wallets and pounding drinks.

The city also boasts many state-of-the-art restaurants, SERIOUS shopping, both in the casinos and the great outlets nearby, all kinds of entertainment (including comedy shows and concerts) a lighthouse just a town away and many events (from food and wine festivals to boat and air shows).

An added perk, every Tuesday this month, Atlantic City Expressway Eastbound is completely toll free from noon till midnight.

In light of the recent financial scares, the city is also doing its part to draw more visitors and make a trip more affordable. There are great deals and discounts available if you just look (even for a broke college student like me) because hey, we deserve a fun night out for all of our hard work, right?

How sad it would be for our shining and fun city-by-the-sea to transform in to a run-down ghost town with empty memories right before our eyes, hundreds of years of history lost.

If that thought makes you sad, then next time you and your family are planning a little trip, or you and your friends are searching for a night of fun, head south to AC and start DOING everything it has to offer!


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