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“Grab them by [Their Intellectual Brains]”

How Female Students Feel About Republican Candidate Donald Trump’s Sexist Remarks

Grab Them Brain

With the recent presidential race, Monmouth students are continuing to form plenty of opinions on the candidates. It is well known that Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, is a feminist. However, Republican candidate, Donald Trump, has been under siege by women across the country over his crude comments and questionable attitudes toward women.

This has been an issue surrounding Trump throughout the election process, but it has been resurfaced in a big way after a recent comment of Trump’s stating that he can “do anything […] grab them by the p***y.” With such sexist remarks, women everywhere have started to fight back at Trump.

What does a campus whose ratio, according to Monmouth University’s site, of men to women is 2:3, say about Trump’s attitude toward women? Let’s hear what some of our females on campus have to say:

Coral Cooper, a junior English student:

As Trump progresses through the 2016 election, his egotistical characteristics are becoming affirmed. Within recent weeks, recordings of predatory talk and sexual assault allegations have come to surface in the news regarding the man attempting to hold the position of commander and chief of the United States.

Comments suggesting a man, especially a man with a lot of money or high social standing, can do whatever he pleases to a woman are not acceptable. The issue of sexual assault is a sensitive topic that should not be discussed so crudely. Gender equality is an ongoing issue as women still make monetarily less than men.

Furthermore, Trump’s view on women’s rights when considering abortion include the imprisonment of the pregnant woman without any punishment for the father involved. In Trump’s eyes, the fault lies on the woman while disregarding that it takes both a male and female to conceive. Regardless of one’s beliefs on abortion, it cannot be denied that it involves two parties.

Trump embodies the concept that men deserve more power, money, women’s physical attention, and are overall better solely based on his idea of gender superiority.

Anna Blaine, a senior English student:

I think one of the most interesting things about this election has been watching the way people have reacted to Trump. Are people really that surprised by his behavior? This man has been known for saying the most outrageous things for a very long time. All the pearl-clutching that happened after the video surfaced where he talked about sexually assaulting women should not be surprising, in my opinion.

This is a man who has made a career off of bullying and insulting people. It doesn’t seem like he has a shred of decency. His opinions should not be relevant in politics at all.

The saddest thing about Trump being the Republican nominee for President is that many Americans voted him in that position. His nomination for President reflects the way many Americans think and that is extremely sad to me.

Amanda Gangidino, a junior communication student:

As a young American woman, I am simply disgusted by Republican candidate, Trump’s, sexism directed toward women. As a public figure that wishes to govern the people of the United States, he communicates hateful rhetoric not only about women, but also of minorities.

He views women as “aesthetically pleasing objects” rather than people and that pumping breast milk is “disgusting.” Voting for Trump could possibly influence Americans to revert back to ways of early 20th century sexism. All of the efforts that women have made to decrease stereotypes could possibly be reinforced if Trump is elected President of the United States. 

Nicole Seitz, a senior history and education student:

I’m not going to argue with someone who wants to vote for Trump if they have the right reasons to. I’m not going to argue with someone who wants to vote for Clinton if they have the right reasons to, however, to be unaware of the fact that both candidates have done and said things against the advancement and justice of women would be ignorant.

It’s easy for people, women in particular, to find disdain in Trump for the words he has spoken and the way he treats women. His “arrogant-men-have-the-power” kind of attitude is absolutely appalling and unacceptable for a presidential candidate.

On the other hand, the media’s focus on this takes away from the fact that Senator Clinton is nothing more than a corrupt politician, just as Trump is nothing more than a greedy businessman. Trump is not the best choice for women, and just because Clinton is a woman does not mean she is the best candidate for women either. I urge people to learn about all of their options—make the choice that is right for all people, including, but not limited to women. Don’t allow the outdated two party system define you as a voter.

In conclusion:

It seems as though females on our campus are outraged and “disgusted” by the remarks made by Republican candidate, Trump. Though, as Staff Writer Nicole Seitz, points out, it is not all Trump soliciting negative reaction inducing remarks. Each candidate will and have said things that we won’t agree with, but that is the beauty of election season—we have the freedom to take what the candidates say and form our own opinions and accept our own truths.

Various University students and staff writers mentioned within the article contributed their views to this story.

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