It’s Time For Me to Figure Me Out | Amanda Drennan's Senior Goodbye

I remember my first day at Monmouth, I hated it. As an awkward human who transferred here sophomore year I just assumed that everyone had already made their friends and that I was just going to have to be a loner for the next three years, and as you could have guessed my experience was just the opposite of that.

The people I’ve met and opportunities I’ve had at Monmouth are truly irreplaceable memories that I will treasure forever. As cheesy as it sounds, there’s no better second home than Monmouth. There are so many people that I want to thank for making my experience at Monmouth truly unforgettable.

My Family:

Thanking my family is inevitable. Being the most annoying person in the family is the full time role that I’m glad to have taken on, and thank you to everyone who’s had to put up with that.

My mom is the perfect role model that anyone would be lucky to have (and I’m not just saying that because you’re my mom). You’ve actually found a way to do it all, and if I could be half of the person you are, I’d be lucky.

Dad, thanks for always being the guy that can put a smile on my face. Thank you for always teaching me that there’s nothing that I can’t do. I don’t know what I’d do without someone who can always make me laugh and is always down for a Stewart’s hotdog and French fries.

My brother was always the smarter sibling, which worked to my advantage because I probably wouldn’t have passed college math courses without someone who was willing to help me with my accounting homework (remember when I took an accounting course? Yikes.) So, Pete, thanks for being an in-house tutor but also an in-house best friend who’s willing to go to Wawa at 2 A.M. (but you know you’ll always be second in line to Sophie).

All of my grandparents have given me endless support on anything I do. The kind of people who are proud if you wake up before noon are the kind of people you’re lucky to have in life. I’m glad I have the worlds cutest fan base, Grandma Lorraine, Grandpa Jerry, and Grandma Joan.

Aunt Diane, thanks for teaching me that I can do anything I want, and that girl power is a real super power. Uncle Anthony, thanks for being a supporter of no matter what I chose to do in life. Your motivation every day is inspiring.

My Friends: *~no particular order~*

Laureen, I really could have written about in the family section because that’s what we’ve become, thanks for being the sister I never had. I wouldn’t have fallen in love with Monmouth if it weren’t for you. Every Monmouth basketball game we’ve been to together (whether it was in the MAC or North Carolina) has become an irreplaceable memory. We’ve managed to do just about everything together even though we have totally different majors, from working at CSSE to taking random elective classes that we regretted just so we could have a class together.

Thank you for always being here for me when I need you, it doesn’t matter if I’m freaking out about the future or worried if the dish soap really cleans the dishes, you’re always right there. I wouldn’t want it to be anyone to finish my sandwiches (see what I did there? Let’s go back to Disney). Thank you for always feeding me bread after Johnny Macs (shout out to Dave).

Connor, thank you for making my day every time we talk and being the most ridiculously good-looking creature to ever walk this campus. I can’t wait to be front row when you sell out the Garden and when Harry Styles is waiting in line for your autograph.

Mads, you were basically the only person I knew when I got to Monmouth, and if it weren’t for your contagious smile I don’t know how I would have made it through my first semester. I’m so lucky to have a friend like you that I can always count on no matter what, you’re the most genuine human and I am so grateful for you.

Taylor, Snailor, honey. I don’t know where I would be if I didn’t have you to sit in the ShopRite parking lot with until ungodly hours of the night, talking about everything and anything. Everyone needs a friend that gives them unfiltered life advice and finds true joy in looking at restaurant menus.

Josh and Max, let me move my bang, you’re two best pals a gal could ask for. I can always count on to sit with in Starbuck and gossip, or take a trip to arm and a leg diner and get matzah ball soup at midnight. You guys always keep me laughing and always give the best advice, even when I don’t take it.

Jazzy, I can’t believe we became friends in Disneyland. Thank you for being extremely spontaneous and deciding to come to Disney after we traveled across the country together but barely knew each other. I’m glad you’re always honest with me and you don’t sugar coat anything. It’s also nice to have someone who can cry over how cute puppies are no matter the time of day.

Steph and Anthony thank you for being hilarious and my Monmouth mom and dad. I can’t wait to watch the Bee Movie with you guys for eight hours straight! (SURPRISE!!)

Honorable mention to Andrea, Jaclyn, Austin, Coral, Cody, Kat, Meghan, and Jaime you guys fill my whole heart, I just don’t have a lot of space. If you feel like you need me to explain why I love you, feel free to text me and I’ll be happy to abide.


Professor Morano, thank you for being one of the most influential professors here at Monmouth. Your stories about how you never took no for an answer when looking for jobs is inspiring, especially when people say that journalism is dying. Thank you for giving me reasons to help combat this argument and always encouraging my writing. Without your classes and feedback, I would not have pushed myself to join The Outlook or believe in my writing.

Professor Tetro, I remember signing up for your class with instant regret because the only thing’s that I’d ever heard about the class media law were not the best. You turned the class into something that could benefit all students and I really appreciated that you cared about students actually understand the material instead of just throwing information at us and expecting us to understand. Your class was refreshing because you cared not only about your students in that class, but what we did outside of class. Thank you for making this class worthwhile and turning out to be one of the best classes that I’ve taken at Monmouth.

Working in the computer science department is definitely not where I saw myself when I first got to Monmouth. After Lauren introduced me to a puppy in the department, I was sold. Professor Kretsch and Rebecca, you’ve made working on campus so much fun. Even days where Lauren and I were dusting and moving furniture, we still had fun. I’m so lucky to have worked for two great inspiring women who I know I could talk to whether it’s about school or life in general.


I actually can’t believe that I’m leaving the Outlook. I love this newspaper with my whole heart and everyone who is a part of it. Kelly (Glam-ma) thank you for encouraging me to do more when I started out as a copy editor and giving my advice on classes that I probably wouldn’t have made it through without your help.

Lifestyles, you’re one of the greatest humans that I’ve ever met and I will miss seeing your shining face every Monday and (Tiny Kitchen) Tuesday in the office. Oozma Kappa forever. COURTNEY (2.0) I know that The Outlook is in good hands with you as Editor in Chief, you’re crazy so you’ll get the job done. Also, thanks for falling down the stairs, what a good chuckle I got from that. Brendan, you’re the best Outlook dad I could have asked for. Ally, first of all keep your dog toys away from my desk. Thank you for printing 600 copies of your poem, and keeping all of your messages archived.

John, you’re really The Outlook’s MVP. I remember reading your stories before you were an editor and I can’t wait to read your name on ESPN articles. Danielle, first of all you were a phenomenal editor in chief this year. I appreciate your love for dogs and your sense of humor (complete with the best laugh I’ve ever heard). I’m so happy that we’ve become great friends in just a few years. Jammy, you’re one of the most spectacular people that I’ve ever met and everyone should aspire to be at least half as great of a person as you. Sandy, thanks for being the staple that hold this office together. You’ve seen us at our best and our worst and you’re always there to help us, regardless of if it’s a problem with a printer or we’re just having a bad day. You are irreplaceable in this office.

Nicole, I know you’re going to be a great editor next year (not just because the greatest person taught you InDesign). If you ever need anything you know you can ask me.

Being a part of the Outlook has been an indescribable experience. It’s been equally stressful and rewarding. The friendships I’ve made here that are irreplaceable. Well Outlook, it’s been real. I love you forever and always.