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Gobble Gobble Good Fun

Gobble Gobble Good FunBy the time Thanksgiving rolls around, the fall semester is ending and students and faculty alike are ready to wind down.

 Thanksgiving is the best time of the year to relax and have fun without having the anxiety of waiting for midterm grades to weigh you down.

During Thanksgiving, there are many things to do that will leave you with lasting memories. Believe it or not, there is more to overload on turkey, stuffing, and mash potatoes, although that is the best part of the Thanksgiving season.

 If you are looking for activities to do around Thanksgiving, you’re in the right spot.

If you are planning to go home during Thanksgiving break, think about stopping by a high school football game.

 Although you may have graduated years ago, it is fun to bundle up on a chilly night and experience the excitement of Friday night lights with old friends.

If you feel like staying in, take a trip to your local bookstore and cozy up to new books.

If you don’t read, Thanksgiving break is a perfect time to start. The feeling of reading a new book while smelling delicious food cooking in the kitchen is what dreams are made off.

Dally Matos, a junior criminal justice student, said, “During Thanksgiving I love to do something that relaxes me.”

Matos continued, “It’s usually that time in the semester where I’m so stressed, I love to read for fun to distract me from all the school work I have to return to. Reading puts me in another world where I don’t need to study for exams. This break, I’m reading The Real Lolita by Sarah Weinman.”

Another great fall activity to pursue is taking a walk. Fall weather is something to relish before the cold winter months’ sweep in, so make sure to get outside and get active. Soon enough, it’ll be too late because we will be snowed in.

If you will be in the Monmouth County area, the Atlantic Highlands has great foliage and hikes to try out (in particular, try out Mount Mitchell Scenic Overlook).

After your day-time activity, Kelly Anderson, a junior communication studies student, suggested, “Baking and cooking is comforting in the fall weather and can warm up a house.”

A good recommendation is to try new recipes that have fall flavors. Baking a pumpkin pie, or even corn muffins can get you into the Thanksgiving spirit.

Thanksgiving Eve is also a great time to help out your family members in the kitchen by cooking all of the classics.

Thanksgiving is a great time of the year to give back.

Donating food to your local pantries, or volunteering at shelters nearby can bring smiles to those in need and it is so rewarding. It is definitely something to consider.

Anderson continued, “Doing any sort of community service with a few friends is a great activity to do as well.

Overall, spreading love is important during Thanksgiving. Any activities with the ones you love are very well suited for Thanksgiving time.”

The purpose of Thanksgiving is to be grateful.

The night before Thanksgiving take a few minutes to profess things you are grateful for about your life, family, or friends.

This can set the tune for a great turkey day, and put good vibes in the air.

John Inzero, MBA, an instructor of marketing and international business, said Thanksgiving is his favorite holiday. This is because “it is not focused on buying, spending, or getting.” He added, “It’s focused on being together with loved ones, eating (of course, we’re Italian, after all), talking, laughing, and being thankful for all that we have.”

Inzero continued, “At the same time, being cognizant of all those who don’t have what we do and doing just a little something to make things better.”

Another great activity during Thanksgiving time is to have a game night.

Invite your close friends or family over to create games to play, or as crazy as it may sound, break out your old board games.

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