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How to Maintain New Year's Resolutions 101

Maintain Resoultions 101 1With the new year finally here, people are trying to keep up with their resolutions. A new year can mean that you pick a resolution; this acts as a goal for the upcoming year. It may be something you want to improve on or something you would like to change. We all know the stereotypical resolution of ‘working out more’ or ‘eating healthier,’ but the real question is: how to maintain this resolution.

No matter what your resolution is, it is important to be determined and go after your goals. One thing in particular that can be noticed about New Year’s resolutions is people tend to create a resolution that is much too big to keep up with. There is no judgment with starting your resolution small and then slowly working towards a bigger goal.

Aaron Furgason, Ph.D., Chair and Associate Professor for the Department of Communication gave his input on the topic. Furgason stated that the key is “Willpower. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. The resolution must be something that at your core you want to change or accomplish. If a true will is present, then it is easy. If not, good luck keeping that resolution.”

It is important to have a resolution that means something to you so you are more inclined to work towards it. Remembering that you are not perfect and are most likely going to slip up when it comes to maintaining your resolution is important.

Do not hold yourself to an impossible standard and remember that you are human. No matter what situation you are in surrounding yourself with a support system is a huge help.

Maintain Resoultions 101 2Those who have your best interests at heart will help to keep you on track to work towards that resolution.

Ami Burgos, a junior social work student, said, “Take it one day at a time, don’t look at the resolution in terms of the whole year but just on a daily or weekly basis, that way you’re not forgetting about it and it doesn’t seem as intimidating.”

Looking at goals through a smaller scope can be much more friendly and make them seem so much more in reach rather than looking for your long term outcome.

Brielle Kough, a junior psychology student, shared her New Year’s resolution. Kough stated, “My New Year’s resolution was to use social media less and my first step to work towards it was to delete the applications from my phone.” She mentioned that the mentality to use in this situation is “out of sight out of mind.” Social media can consume our lives, and by not seeing the app on your phone, you are less likely to think about it.

 If you are trying to get rid of something from your life it definitely helps if you don’t have to see it every day.

Accountability plays a key role in achieving any type of goal and especially resolutions. Make yourself responsible and if you slip up one day make sure to get back on track the next.

One mistake doesn’t ruin your whole resolution and you can turn it around.

When you succeed it is important to be proud of yourself and reward your progress.

Always remember you are doing a great job and no matter what your resolution is you can achieve it.

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