Staying Classy While Staying Young

staying_classy_while_staying_youngIn today’s society, women of­ten struggle with the need to look professional and the desire to stay young and trendy. The me­dia presents celebrities in a light where they are often risqué and inappropriately dressed. Young girls are following suit, and this is not setting a good example on how to look sophisticated and youthful.

With college women seeking jobs and looking forward to ca­reers, it is important that they look and feel the part. This means dressing conservatively, but still having a sense of style. Whoev­er said business attire is boring must have been narrow-minded because there are many ways you can make any outfit stand out.

Associate professor of com­munication Dr. Sherry Wien suggested that women, “invest in high quality classic clothes that last instead of cheap trendy clothes that look dated and worn out after a year.” She also noted that every company’s dress code is different and that it is essen­tial to find out how the company would like you to present your­self.

One way to look professional is by dressing up your look with a blazer. Since the warmer months are coming, stores are selling col­orful blazers that will make any outfit pop. Pairing the blazer with simple black slacks and a black or white blouse can make you look classy, yet fun. Finishing it off with a necklace and a pair of col­orful flats or sandals will tie it all together.

Kirsten Webb, junior commu­nication major, said, “Blazers re­ally dress up any outfit. When I go to an interview or a network­ing event, I wear a blazer with dress pants and a blouse; it’s easy, but still looks good.”

Blazers can also be used for ev­eryday fashion when worn with a sundress and flats.

Dress pants may seem to be outdated, but there are many dif­ferent styles that are fresh and trendy. Slacks with a skinny leg can be refined, yet still in style. High-waisted dress pants are also an option that can be worn with a simple shirt and blazer.

Flared bottomed pants are ide­al when paired with heels and a tighter shirt because they add length as well as sophistication. Sticking to colors such as black, navy and dark brown is classic, but you can also try bright col­ored pants with a neutral top for a new look.

Skirts are a tricky subject, as most of them are short and re­vealing. However, pencil skirts are an appropriate length, yet conform to the body in a tasteful way. If you want to wear a skirt, choose a loose blouse made of a chiffon material that you can tuck in. Wear a simple tank top un­derneath to keep the outfit classy and dress it up with accessories. Another option would be to fol­low the ever growing lace trend. Stores such as Urban Outfitters have fueled this lace fascination to not only skirts but shirts, shorts and even dresses. If you want to be even fancier, wear heels.

A nude colored heel is the best option because it is neutral and can be worn with anything. The skin-tone will also make your legs appear longer. If you begin to feel that your nude colored heel or your black and white outfit is becoming a tad dull, the addition of jewelry can change your look instantly.

Junior Spanish and education major, Jessica Dayton, said, “I love accessories. When I have field work at elementary schools, I am required to dress appropri­ately, but I still want to look my age. I dress up my outfits with jewelry to make me look dressy, yet still young.”

The one-sleeved look is in fash­ion, and this can be perfect for a dress or shirt. This style is con­servative enough for the work­place, but still chic for a night out after work is done. If you want to be modest, you can wear a jacket or blazer over the shirt or dress during the day and take it off at night.

Leggings are popular and comfortable, but some might be afraid that they are not dressy enough. However, this is not completely true. If you play up the leggings with an embellished tunic and heels, it can look ap­propriate for an office or inter­view as long as the shirt is long enough. You can also wear a belt to make the outfit more flatter­ing. Again, jewelry is useful when looking to dress up any outfit.

Dresses are popular amongst all ages and the style has changed over the years amongst the differ­ent generations. In order to make sure you keep with a young image but stay classy at the same time, you must be picky with your se­lection. Make sure the dresses you choose are an appropriate length that cover at least half of your thigh, and look for material that won’t ride up when sitting down.

Companies such as Forever 21 and H&M have been trying to alter the scandalous trend by adding more fabric to the whole dress. If you do fall in love with a dress with a low cut, you can pair a bulky necklace with the look so the attire will contain a touch of class.

If you are truly dedicated to the classy look, tube-top dresses and shirts should be avoided unless they are accompanied by a jacket or blazer.

The final touch to a classy look is to not overdo the make-up. This one detail can make or break an outfit.

Wien added that the way you present yourself clothing wise will definitely reflect how you are viewed in the workplace. “You can choose styles, cuts, colors and fabrics that highlight your best features. People who look clean, neat, professional and at­tractive are more successful in their workplaces and their ca­reers. Instead of being trendy and looking like everyone else, learn what looks good uniquely on you,” she said.

Business attire may seem dif­ficult to pull off, especially in­ modern society. However, there are plenty of ways to keep it classy but still sassy. If you want to be youthful and presentable, make sure you are wearing ap­propriate lengths and cuts.

You can accessorize your out­fits with jewelry, belts and shoes to keep the look current. Using a pop of color against neutrals is perfect for the upcoming sea­sons and will help your style stay fresh. If you try these options, you will be sure to make business wear look trendy, yet unique at the office.