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Volume 84 (Fall 2012 - Spring 2013)

Guide to a Woman’s Holiday Wishes

north-face‘It is always better to give than receive’ is a common saying around this time of year, but what if you do not know what to give? This case is especially common when men are looking for gifts to give women. Picking out a gift for a special woman, or even your sister, is really not as difficult as you may think.

A gift which is always sure to please any women is jewelry. Sophomore Lisa Lazzaro concurs by saying, “I really want new diamond earrings! I lost my old pair and don’t wear earrings anymore.”

Although diamond jewelry is rather expensive, you can even find something cheaper. On Kay Jewelers site, they have elaborate and simple necklaces for as low as $50. If you do not wish to spend this much money, then see if the lady you are buying for has a Pandora bracelet. A charm from Pandora can usually be purchased around $25-$35.

If the woman you are buying for is more into art, be thankful, because the possibilities are endless. Senior Amanda Romano loves to connect with her creative side and wishes to further her art skills this holiday season. “I actually want more art stuff because I love to paint and draw,” Romano says.

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Headphones on Top

When fully ripe as it is now, this holiday spending season can inhibit the practice of proper judgment in gift selection. A white elephant purchase is most frequently made in the haze of checkout lines and bad traffic, especially in the case of women shopping for their men. This is because guys may seem easy to shop for, but we are surprisingly particular. A cordless drill, snow blower, or any task-oriented gift is always appreciated, though a better gift may be found through carefully looking into a recent resurgence in certain entertainment devices.

Dr. John A. Kosinski, an adjunct in the department of chemistry, medical technology and physcics, is so intellectual that his possible holiday wishes saturated my mind with visions of some enigmatic resonating circuit machine. Kosinski surprised me with his simple request.

Kosinski wants to be able to enjoy music through top-of-theline media devices. “I want a top quality set of speakers for my home office,” he said. Kosinski’s ideal gift is not unusual, considering in the market demand over the past few years.

The demand amongst the public for a better sound experience is great in many ways, but in some cases, quality has been impaired by the stupidity of the average consumer.

For example, the appearance of BigR Audio Bruce Lee signature headphones on the Men’s Health 2012 Holiday Gift Guide is comedic in its ridiculousness. Maybe these can have great sound, but their popularity, when there is little chance of high-fidelity audio being so much as slightly related to a long deceased Kung-Fu actor isn’t flattering to consumer intelligence.

Their current popularity makes some of them questionable, but great headphones or speakers can be found in many price ranges and tonality preferences.

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Smiles Will be Present With These Presents for Parents

It is safe to say our parents have been monumental figures throughout our lives. They have raised us from birth, kissed our boo-boos, and sent us off to college. Although nearly impossible to pay them back for all the rides to the mall, homemade dinners, and unrelenting cheers at sports games, the least we can do is buy them great gifts this holiday season.

The question on most minds is, ‘where to start?’. The first thing you need to do is identify your parents’ interests. Once this is accomplished, the gift options not only get easier to choose from, but will also suit them much better. For example, a great gift for book lovers would be the Barnes and Noble Nook or Amazon Kindle.

The e-readers are priced as low as $79. These e-readers are great for on-the-run parents since they are easily portable.

For parents that love MU as much as you do, stop by the on campus bookstore. Gift options range from all types of University apparel such as sweatshirts, hats, mugs, car decals, and more. Some are even branded with “Proud Mom” or “Proud Dad.” Make your parents proud to say that their kids go to MU

Next, set a budget. Sophomore Nicole Gregory goes above and beyond for her parents saying, “There is usually no limit if it’s something that my parents want.” Last Christmas she bought her parents tickets to a Broadway play in the city, a great gift for those who enjoy a night out.

For Gregory, it is important to buy parents nice, sentimental gifts because her parents have “helped a lot through-out the years.” She continued by saying, “On Christmas, it’s nice to give and not only get.”

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Pop-Country Music Blend Spreads Across Airwaves

taylorswiftFor the past five years, there has been a rise of a certain genre in modern culture. In order to be considered a singer in this upcoming genre, you must have a southern drawl and cowboy boots. Their loyal, devoted fans must love the summer and be enthralled with sharing their emotions. The genre is none other than country music; a style of sound which has quickly become the defining musical genre for the nation. While many are aware of the songs and their respective artists topping the country charts, it can only be speculated as to why country music has all of a sudden become the latest American trend.

Sophomore and country enthusiast Rachel Fox believes she may have the answer to the question. “Country music has become increasingly popular throughout the years because many of the country stars have incorporated elements of pop and rock into their music, making it more appealing to a wider audience.”

Fellow sophomore and country lover Jackie Leming concurs with Fox. “I think that country has become really popular recently because a lot of country artists are incorporating other genres into their music. It seems like recently there is less of a separation between country and other types of music like rock and pop. Now country songs can appeal to a wider range of listeners,” Leming said.

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Inexpensive Gifts Certain to Please

Last Friday marked the beginning of the holiday shopping season. With Black Friday being the biggest shopping day of the year, shopping can beome a bit hectic. If you decided to stay away from the mall mayhem this season and you also skipped Cyber Monday, you may be disappointed that to have missed out on some bargains. However, if you are looking to shop for the holidays on a budget, there are still many options that can help you save your money.

College students often find it hard to splurge during the holidays. Junior Jessica Ketchel realizes this, “I definitely do less buying for the holidays now that I have my own expenses to pay.” This is most likely true for the majority of students around this time of year. If you want to keep your gifts at a minimum cost, you should check out Pinterest for some creative and useful ideas.

If you are more the do-ityourself kind, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. Baking homemade cookies and other various treats is a perfect gift if you accompany it with festive wrapping or even an ornament to tie it all together. You can also let the receiver have all the fun—create jars with cookie or hot chocolate ingredients and add cookie cutters or decorative mugs and recipes. To show off your artistic and personal side, you can make wall art or personal photo frames with your favorite images and pictures. A simple journal and a fun pen can make a great gift too, especially if you add a personal message on the front page.

Junior Tara Esposito enjoys the thought of homemade presents. “I’m an art major, and it is fun for me to make my own Christmas presents because I can get creative while doing something I really like doing, while still making it all personal,” she said.

It is no secret that mostly everyone in today’s world is techobsessed. If you are looking for a way to please a tech-savvy person, you should consider phone cases and e-book reader covers. always has deals on trendy iPhone cases, and they even sell bejeweled button stickers for a couple of dollars. Add a screen protector or a colorful charger and you have got the perfect gift for the cell phone fanatic.

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Drop the Turkey Weight with Simple Exercises

lifestyles_workingoutWith all the food and temptations waiting for you on the living room table, the holidays have become an extremely difficult time to try to maintain a healthy diet. Worst of the lot, when it comes to a healthy diet, the worst holiday is Thanksgiving.

Friends and family come together over a huge meal, will power is not a word that is typically found in one’s vocabulary. Between the yummy turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, pumpkin pies, and the leftovers it is inevitable to pack on a few Turkey Day pounds.

“I look forward to the holidays and all the food, so I try not to fixate about any weight I might gain over the break,” said freshman Jessica Caffey. Much like Caffey, many have a hard time saying no to these irresistible foods, luckily there are several ways to quickly shed those unwanted pounds just in time for the next round of holidays.

There are many ways of working out while maintaing the holiday spirit. For instance, ice skating with friends or family is a great activity. According to, it is possible to burn up to 200 calories in 30 minutes of ice skating even if it is a light skate. Another great option would be to rake leaves. By Drop the Turkey Weight with Simple Exercises raking leaves, you will be aiding your family while working your upper arms as well as burning calories. Even taking a walk around your neighborhood burns some calories. Another example of how to stay active and keep with the holiday spirit is to have a two-hand touch football game with relatives or friends.

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There is More to Yoga Than Finding ‘Zen’

When one thinks of yoga, they tend to think of middle aged upperclass women using this as an excuse for a workout. It is difficult to understand that yoga actually does benefit the body mentally and physical when it merely looks like pre-stretches that most sports would do. This common misconception has made many believe that yoga is simply the latest trend, but it is in fact one of the best allaround workouts in today’s world.

Sophomore and yoga enthusiast, Becca Zidik, explains why yoga is truly the best overall body and mental workout one can find. “Yoga promotes the blood flow throughout the body, which increases the transportation of minerals and vitamins within the body. It circulates oxygen to throughout the body as well. This can help lower blood pressure, increase your immunity, help with pain, and relieve many stresses of life. It also is a great way to increase your strength, enhance your posture, and lose weight,” Zidik noted.

Professor Shannon Hokanson of Monmouth’s Communication Department has been involved with yoga for nearly 15 years and has created her own opinion on why yoga is great. “Some benefits of yoga include stress management as well as physical fitness. For some folks, it helps them enact a non-spiritual individuality connection with the divine. Even if one is not after that goal, they can do yoga to relax both their mind and body.”

According to the Mayo Clinic, there are many different forms of yoga. The beginner’s form is hatha yoga while the more advanced ones are ashtanga and lyengar. Two more noteworthy yoga forms are bikram which is performed in a warm room and kundalini which centers around chants as well as meditation. The Mayo Clinic supports yoga as a form of exercise by stating, “The potential health benefits of yoga are numerous and may include: stress reduction, increased fitness, management of chronic health conditions, and weight loss.”

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Frozen Yogurt Has Taken Over East Coast Taste Buds

lifestyle-froyoThough the summer days are long past us, one may still find themselves with a serious sweet tooth for a frozen treat. Luckily, this can be satisfied as there has been a recent trend of self-serve frozen yogurt bars popping up around New Jersey, especially the Monmouth area. Most frozen yogurt bars have a variety of flavors, along with quite a selection of toppings. Some flavors can be plain like vanilla or strawberry, or daring like cookies and cream or peanut butter.

Toppings vary from healthy options like fresh fruit or granola to more indulgent choices such as cookie dough and brownies. The idea of the self-serve is for the customer to create whatever kind of frozen yogurt desired, and then add the toppings of choice. Most, if not all frozen yogurt places, charge by measuring the customer’s cup since there is a certain price paid per ounce.

While there are a number of frozen yogurt options around here such as Top It and Frozen Peaks, Froyo Beach is the newest to locate itself in the community. The owner, Ziva Ioia, cared to comment on why she thinks frozen yogurt, also known as “froyo” is now trending.

“Froyo is a lot more popular than hard ice cream because it’s nutritionally the smarter choice,” Ioia went on. “You get nutrition benefits such as less calories and fat along with a great taste.”

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Revamping Your Camping Through Local Sites

lifestyles-top-of-12While the University has plenty of activities for students to take part in every week, if one is looking to create an adventurous memory off campus, a great idea would be to get a group of friends together and appreciate the outdoors. While many may be unaware, there are plenty of campgrounds around Monmouth which have ideal conditions for beginners as well as experts.

The Outdoors Club advisor, Professor Reynolds, is well informed of which New Jersey campgrounds are prestigious choices. “We have several great campgrounds within an hour of our campus. Allaire State Park, Cheesequake State Park, Bass River State Park. Our club’s favorite one is Worthington State Park,” Professor Reynolds said. “New Jersey State Parks are absolutely sensational.”

Located in Wall Township, the closest camp site to the University would be Alliare State Park. The campgrounds have 45 tent as well as trailer sites and four yurts. According to their website, yurts are “circular tents built on a wood frame, featuring wood floors, a deck and plexiglas skylight.” Their website also states the campground has six cabins with a wood stove that can sleep four people. As for the group campsite, the park is open year round. The Allaire State Park campground offers discounts to any New Jersey resident.

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How to Accomplish the Autumn Feel via Food and Drink

lifestyles-page-13Autumn is the time of year when bathing suits are traded in for jackets, swimming pools are replaced with fireplaces, and cold lemonade is swapped for warm apple cider. Fall is the perfect time of year for heart and stomach-warming recipes with ingredients that range from pumpkin spice to sweet cinnamon. If you are in the mood for an autumn treat, you might want to check out some of these fall food ideas.

As soon as the leaves start to change, everything becomes enhanced with fall flavors. Coffee shops promote pumpkin flavored coffees and teas as well as serving apple cider by the gallon. If you depend on coffee for your caffeine before class, you can try Dunkin Donut’s pumpkin white chocolate iced or hot coffee or their pumpkin mocha flavored latte, as well as traditional hot chocolate.

If you have a sweet tooth, they also offer fall-inspired donuts as well as pumpkin muffins. Still, homemade coffee is another option. Keurig makes various types of coffees for any taste preference. Junior Tara Esposito is a fan of the pumpkin spice flavor. “I stocked up with 80 K-cups of the pumpkin spice flavor to make sure I have enough of it, even when fall is over,” she said.

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Helpful Tips to Keep in Mind When Packing to Camp

lifestyles-bottom-of-12Regardless of the season or venue, every camper needs reliable equipment. It is hard for one to find these assets if they are unaware of the options, hence why it is important to any beginning or intermediate camper to find their preference of tent, sleeping bag, and sets of clothes.

The first step towards acquiring the proper tools for a camping trip would be to determine how many people are going to accompany you in the woods. The amount of food, the tent size, and the water supply are determined on the number of people in a group. Secondly, one must finalize their campground. By doing so, one can begin to buy the proper tools. For instance, if a campground has a barbeque set available for the public, there is no need to bring a small grill of your own.

With the figures and site squared away, it is time to choose a tent. There are many different styles of tents, for example, describes a cabin tent, a tunnel tent, and a dome tent. A cabin tent is usually used for large groups or when one is driving to a campground rather than walking. If you are planning to hike on a trail, it is recommended to travel with a very light, small tent or tarp since you will be lugging it around for your entire trip.

A tunnel tent is essentially what it sounds like; the tent appears in the form of a tunnel. Tunnel tents are debatably the easiest tent to pitch (in other words set up) but they can be swayed by the wind much more than other forms of tents.

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